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overall experience and some suggestions

mmouse7 (Niagara Falls, Canada) on Feb 01, 2023

I went to this resort Jan 20-27 2023 with my adult son he is 25 for his first experience to Jamaica as well as all inclusive resort. I am a frequent traveler to Jamaica first time to this resort as the lazy river was the experience and the dining I was looking forward to. We got upgraded to the adult side of the resort Ocean Eden Bay, although we had previously booked a junior with 2 double beds- we were given 1 queen until we realized it upon walking into the room. I forgot to mention that to Whitney who was helping accommodate us. An hour later and a few moves they managed to get us a room with the 2 double beds and a jacuzzi well worth the wait. Excellent work of the front desk manager ( I forgot her name). A few things to note for this resort; It was so windy it reminded me of my vacation to Aruba. Everyday around 10-11 am the wind picks up -dragging chairs into the pool. It gave me a headache and dry eyes. Not sure if it just in January- temp was beautiful 29-30 sunny all week. I am not for the beach but my son wanted to sit there on our 2nd day. The beach is full of rocks, I wore my beach shoes , walked out slowly was dangerous with the high winds hitting me, I didn't make it out past my knees just headed back to shore. A few friends we met there complained they were not impressed with the beach. They should clean the rocks in the swimming area. It was nice to see they had a life guard there. Not sure who designed this hotel but to have an elevator that can only hold 2 people and 2 40 lb bags was the limit. They were very small, the bellman had to run up the stairs as the elevator did not go if overweight.( they should upgrade these to larger ones to hold 6-8 people). Beautiful modern resort and gardens and walkways clean. No hair dryers or irons in the room - I asked for 2 days and gave up thanks goodness I had very short hair except for my bangs. Only 1 hanger in the closet. Rooms were beautiful and clean, safe and fridge worked beautifully all week. Fridge was restocked everyday. The coffee pot and coffee packages were stocked - no mugs or cups to drink from for the coffee/soda drinks. Huge concern for me was that the phones were not answered answered by switchboard or reception quick enough. I waited a few times for over 20 rings. The phones had no direct number to connect to medical staff, or room service only 2 buttons labeled reception and guest services. Having to wait 5 mins for someone who may have a health emergency is a huge concern as I am a retired RN. They should upgrade their phone systems and have more staff to answer within 5 rings waiting more than 10 rings is unacceptable for a huge resort. The Lazy River was located between the two sides which was perfect. nice design. The water pumps that sprayed water in the bucket, water fall were not always on for the 7 days I was there- they said they had pump issues- expected I suppose. I was not impressed with the lack of tubes to float on. I went at 10 am there was some maybe 20, mid day - non available- I just walked around until one was free. A few deflated ones lying on the deck made it look messy- they should not be left around when not safe to use- remove and repair/replace. I was not impressed with the most of the lifeguards just sitting at the one entrance- they should be walking over the bridges so they are able to view the people in the river not in a area by the falls and steps just talking to themselves- I am glad the parents were watching their own children. The pool on the Eden Bay side was cold everyday especially around noon to 3 ( must be from the winds) I used to go to the Bahia warmed up beautifully. This was cold to do the aqua aerobics in at noon- maybe they should do the aerobics around 3 pm not sure that would help. Or put up a wind barrier from the beach to stop the wind coming off of there over to the pool- not sure. Pool and deck area beautiful- there were enough chairs. The life guards except for a few (Dywane and a few others) walked around the pool - most didn't even sit on their stations. Thanks goodness the pool was mostly empty but they should rotate around to keep themselves awake every 30 mins like other resorts do and stay focused on the pool area not dancing with the guests. The main buffet (Captain) should have more variety or change it every other day- not enough chicken options. Fried fish I enjoyed and my son loved the eel. I must say it was the first time for me on a adult side- so worth it I will book adults only in the future. The evening band or singers we could watch from our room balcony (4th building), I enjoyed that as well as the white night near the beach. Booking for the Japanese restaurant was rediculous- it was nice to hear we did not have to book any other restaurants just first come/first serve. I was told we had to to to the Market Buffet(Ocean coral side) at 11 am and wait in line the day you wish to go there. No telephone or guest services reservations allowed for this. My son never got to experience this as he did not feel it was worth that to wait in a line on your vacation. I would like to mention a few names of staff on the resort who deserve recognition -the entertainment/activity staff (Blue team) Kyash was awesome brought energy everyday with him dancing, mc'ing games and events and sense of humour- he should be promoted to team leader. Dexter, Lizette and Rosbel were also fun to watch and shared enthusiasm. Bartender at the Marlin- I may have forgotten his name Raymond? excellent energy even if you do not tip him (he refilled my water bottle with ice and water) often with such great service. Restaurant managers - Mr V Shaw and Mr Z Alexander are excellent restaurant management resources. They were always visible in the dining areas, easily approachable for any questions or concerns with a welcoming demeanour. My favourite 2 waiting staff were Richeisha and Daniel in the Captain Buffet. Worked with a smile, always coming back to check if we needed top ups on our water, coffee or drinks. Cleaned up dirty plates before we returned with a second plate. Nicholeen and Allistar at the Marlin restaurant provided excellent service. The chef at the Marlin- Cassandra went out of her way and off the evening menu to make me a grilled red snapper - was delicious - that goes above and beyond - I did not have to leave the resort to enjoy that as I expressed to her. Alicia at the steakhouse was very good although I do not feel she gets recognized for how good and efficient she provides the service with a smile. Tracy Ann towel hut beautiful character - she always had a smile on her face (pregnant and glowing). Shawn in housekeeping provided towels on the pool. I would not return to the resort due to the high winds and the phones- deal breaker for me. Enjoy

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Lewis L on Jan 31, 2023

Our group (16 adults, 1 child) had a very nice time during our 8-day stay. The resort had some issues related to maintenance, during the first two days, but the management (Peter) made sure that they were taken care of, and made exceptiona accommodations to compensate for the minor inconveniences. The food and nightly live entertainment was exceptional. The performers were spectacular!! There was so much to do and see on the resort that we were never bored. I would highly recommend this resort.

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Not such a " Privilege"

julie f (Ipswich, United Kingdom) on Jan 31, 2023

Don't expect to feel like you are in Jamaica if you stay here. The hotel has no atmosphere, no soul. It is clean, the food is okay and the resort itself as a glitz and glam affair but unfortunately it can not deliver! Read on for an honest review from a couple who have travelled to Jamaica 4 times and stayed in 3 and 4 star properties. Originally booked for Lanzarote but changed last minute to Ocean Coral Spring because TUI were offering a good 7 night deal for a Privilege room. After looking at the pictures and reading about the privilege service we decided to pay the £50 admin fee (Tui) & give it a go. 7 nights usually costs around £1000 extra per room . This was our 5th time in Jamaica and usually go basic, so we were understandably excited to be staying in a 5* "Privilege" room with all the additional extras offered with a privilege package. As advertised :- Personal butler service ( there to take you to the room, show you around the resort, resolve any issues and basically ensure you receive a specialised service.) They advertise, special amenities, Nespresso coffee machine with coffee pods, robes, slippers, Upgraded mini bar, privilege lounge, restaurant/bar 'top shelf' drinks, special privilege beach and 'exclusive towels etc, etc..... Unfortunately, this was far from the truth. Arrived to be greeted by Privilege check in staff who were VERY keen to push signing up to their 'Loyalty' scheme and nothing else. Our 'personal butler' was unavailable but would meet us in the room straight away. At this point a bell boy took the cases and pointed the way to our room. Not a problem we are more than capable of finding our room but I was a little disappointed . 1st impression of the room is 'WOW'! However, look a bit more and the room wasn't great. For a fairly new hotel my expectations were high. Bell boy arrives with my case now broken. I decided to let that go. Butler doesn't arrive. However, no problem we were shattered from the flight and With 24 hr room service included with privilege we decided to order a snack but no luck even when we spoke to reception who just said ' keep calling'. Went to Privilege lounge and had a quick snack there. The next morning we realised that we had a few issues in the room. Nothing major but for the extra money, you would expect to receive what is advertised. Issues - only one bath robe.( for use with outdoor hot tub) no coffee pods. no coffee creamer. no hand towels, no hand soap. a broken reading light. Privilege amenity kit consisted of 2 shaving kits and one toothbrush!! Hmm.... useful! We reported the concerns to Privilege reception and asked who our butler was as she/he had still not contacted us. They promised everything would be resolved and we were to go to our room and wait for the butler. at 5pm still no sign of the butler. No messages left while we were out. All issues remained. Back to the desk to ask what was going on and our butler Dane, appeared holding a robe. No apology, just 'hey guys, where have you been' Asked again to go to our room ,Dane said he would follow us straight away and he would give us his number resolve the room issues and start our holiday in style. Went back as asked. waited 45 mins. No sign of Dane. Went out for dinner and returned to the room. Still no message. Day 3 at some point somebody had put another robe in the room. Hand soap too. we used the hot tub but couldn't empty it as the plug had no thread. Managed to empty by using 2 knives as grips. Asked the housekeeper for coffee pods......they don't actually supply them anymore. Now you get the picture here...........none of these 'problems' were major, BUT and I emphasise BUT, If I had paid an additional £1000 or more for this 'so called privilege' then no problems should be an issue and if there are any, then they should be resolved quickly. The rest of the week was OKAY. Service lacked badly in most areas. Again, small things like only one knife or one spoon or cup on the table. Some staff were quite rude and seemed like they couldn't be bothered. Top shelf drinks continuously ran out. They only had cans of beer and even ran out of soft drinks. It doesn't help when majority of guests are getting their huge flasks filled every time at the bar. I really don't think this should be allowed. It is unnecessary and just contributes to the supply issues. Our ' upgraded' mini bar was 'downgraded' following a shortage of vodka and red stripe and when asked why we were told the bars needed it so we couldn't have our fridge topped up. Again not major but this should not have happened. I could go on and on as there were so many little issues with this resort. For us it was disappointing. In our opinion, the ' privilege experience' is not worth the extra cash unless you get it free on a one off deal and even then it was too much. Overall experience and tips for travellers :- make sure you take coffee and creamer if you enjoy a coffee in your room 1st thing. Even the coffee shop ran out of milk! Don't expect to get a sunbed unless you get up by 6am to reserve. That goes for beach and pool. Don't bother with the other restaurants. The buffet is better. Don't bother with Privilege it really doesn't exist! Do yourself a favour and book in at the Holiday Inn resort or similar. Much more enjoyable and you can afford to go twice!!

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Awesome vacation in sunny Jamaica

Fabio R on Jan 31, 2023

Just got to love the staff at Martha's. Great and exceptional service from Sharlene, Sashorn, Shane. If your ever at Coral Springs be sure to find these ladies. They make things happen and fix all your problems

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Best vacation ever

Carola R on Jan 31, 2023

I must say the team at Martha,'s Market made us feel at home. It was a blessing meeting them. Sharlene, Lorraine, Shane, Savannah, Sashorn. These lady went above and beyond to make our vacation exceptional.

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