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Coloradolady65 (Colorado Springs, Colorado) on Jul 04, 2022

I booked this hotel through Southwest Vacation as a package because of the location (within walking distance to the Malecon), the pictures on the website, and a decent price point. I booked a renovated room and had a wonderful view from the balcony (big plus!). My luggage was quickly scooped up by the bellboys and I was ushered to the front desk to check in -- that process was smooth. Not very much information shared (property map / internet password / etc. at check in), so I had to go back to ask later. Someone from the concierge team then sat me down to talk about the restaurants, etc. Here is when the problem began. I was interested in a massage at the beach or at least open-air, neither was available because the spa is currently undergoing renovations. But I got roped into a "special" - because the spa facilities aren't currently open, they are running a special ($20/50-minute massage). They would show me around the property (no more than 90 minutes) so I would know where everything is. DON'T do it - it's a timeshare pitch from hell!!! The next morning I was kept hostage for over 2 1/2 hours in their presentation / pitch. I had to ask permission to use the restroom and somebody watched that I wouldn't "escape" after the restroom break (I am certain they would have followed me). CREEPY! Restaurants: It's really only 2 different facilities that are multi-use. You have the buffet and the Beach Club (no reservation / lunch / early dinner) = Sunset (reservation required / 6:30 + 7:30 + 8:30 dinner seating). Corazon (reservation required / 6:30 + 7:30 + 8:30 dinner seating) is a small separate room from the buffet. Food is OK - nothing to write home about. Bars: 2 outdoor bars with limited hours. The cabana bar closed before 5 pm on 3 of the 5 nights because of weddings. The only place to get a drink after 6 pm was the lobby bar (hot/stuffy lobby). The lobby bar staff has to make drinks for everyone in the lobby, the buffet, and the Corazon restaurant. They need more staff to handle the volume of drinks they have to crank out. The hotel caters to couples/families/weddings. Because of the weddings, not only does the cabana bar shut down, but also part of the pool -- NOT cool! This was a solo trip for me -- definitely wrong hotel/venue for a solo trip. Everything about this hotel is geared to couple/families/groups. The entertainment was not worth the time and mostly took place in the (hot/stuffy) lobby. Get a room as far away from the lobby as you can, as I am sure it will get noisy (thank goodness, my room far just about as far as it gets from the lobby). Beach/Pool: Beach was pretty good and never had a problem finding a lounge chair. The pool is too small for the amount of guests. There should be a "quiet" pool where you don't have to constantly dodge balls/kids/etc. The wet-lounge area is supposed to be 'adult only", but that wasn't enforced. The biggest annoyance are the merchandise peddlers - they even come up to the edge of the wet-lounge area and constantly bother you with whatever stuff they try to sell. There should be a rule that if you are on hotel property, they cannot speak to you (on the beach, I guess it is an expected nuisance). In retrospect, for my next solo trip I will pick a bigger hotel that has more options for solo travelers.

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Buenos recuerdos @ buenaaventura

ymeldaruiz on Jun 30, 2022

Happy!! great service food and vibe!! Would like more water in the room refrigerator instead of 2 and a/c a bit colder! It was a little warm but would like it cooler! Beer in refrigerator as well would be nice to have more than two cans of corona per day! Especially when you pay the all inclusive price! But all was nice great experience and loved the atmosphere everyone is so friendly!!!! ??????

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Love it here!

_danielatravelsduh on Jun 30, 2022

We had an amazing time at the Buenaventura!! Fernando who works at the lobby bar was beyond helpful and took really good care of us! Such a sweet person that truly went above and beyond to make sure we had an enjoyable trip! 20/10 recommend buenaventura, could not have been happier with our experience!!

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Service Desk Staff

yvonne12685 on Jun 30, 2022

The overall experience was amazing at the hotel. The only area of need is better customer service from the service desk staff. Immediately upon your return, the ladies at the front desk had attitude and did not greet. They were not welcoming at all. In addition when we would go and ask him questions about the theme nights or restaurants, they appeared to not want to help. The servers, bell boys, and housekeepers always had a happy attitude with the customers.

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sjcumb0 (Mountain Home, Arkansas) on Jun 29, 2022

Friendly people, some waiters do not speak English. Only 2 restaurants on property - and 1 is reservation only so very limited seating. Buffet food was the same each day and VERY limited compared to other resorts. Also, all restaurant seating is very stuffy - poor air conditioning if any. We were wiping sweat while eating breakfast. 3 of the 4 bars were out of basic alcohols (ie, Malibu rum and Absolute vodka). Wine was poured into a plastic cup even in the lobby. Lobby is VERY cramped and uncomfortable when they have entertainment- the entire property is cramped. I DID like that they post signs by the pool that things left on chairs to save them will be removed (yes!!!!), but I did not see this enforced. Rooms still have bar soaps and a tiny bottle of shampoo that you can't even squeeze to empty. I appreciated a middle of the night phone call to tell me my door was ajar. Overall, a property best suited for low-budget travelers.

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