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Great stay but be AWARE

joejeanne (Kingston, Canada) on Jan 24, 2023

This is a great resort with lovely grounds and HEATED pools:) We have stayed here 3 times. When you check in the first person you meet will try to get you to sit through a time share presentation. They say 1.5 hours but it will be 3 plus hours. These are the TWO POINTS you need to be aware of when you book here. 1. If you are coming here on an exchange through RCI or rent from an owner you will be probably be downgraded as to the unit you get compared to what the original owner would be offered I felt like a second class citizen. Chances are what you get it will be on a lower floor looking at barb wire or a unit without a balcony or ocean view. We insist on a balcony to enjoy our morning coffee and the view at night. In order for us to get a balcony we had to endure the presentation. We had to say no to three handlers before they let us go and gave us our $100 deposit back. That was theirs to keep if you were a no show or walked out. 2. This resort had the slowest internet of any resort or 2 Star hotel I have ever stayed in. You would expect better from Sheraton There is the free wifi which is like slow dial up and cuts out often that you will need to re enter the password many times They offer faster wifi at $5.00 US dollars per day. Sorry to say I did not find it any better. If you want to stay in touch with business or things back home through wifi I guarantee severe frustration. The units themselves are well equipped,clean,and spacious. I hope these pointers will help you ensure you have a great stay.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Excellent Experience With Staff; recommendations for improvement.

Barbara G (New York City, New York) on Jan 22, 2023

After the pandemic, the hotel in Puerto Vallarta is fully staffed with very able personnel. Among those I've interacted with are Karina Arias and Jorge Zarate Urritia, concierges. The hotel now requires restaurant reservations be done at 8 a.m.on the day you want to dine. Also: Brenda Mendoza arranges tours .Victoria Cruz leads an exceptional bonaical tour of the grounds, albeit in Spanish, which are among the most beautiful of any resort in the area. Her assistant Sebastian was helpful in pronouncing the names. This informative tour lasted 1 and 1/2 hours, It was the first time I took this tour although I have spent manuy winter vacations here. Angelica Cruz is a very efficient housekeeper. She arranged for my remote control to be exchanged and for a repairman to change the air-conditioning filters.I'm allergic to mold. The heads of the porter staff, Manuel Barragan and Jesus Rodriguez are courteous and very helpful. The hotel and Clug do not have 20 peso notes, important for tipping. Manual accumulates them and I exchange large billsfor them. Most of the staff depend on tips for their income. I've eaten several times at the Umai Japanese restaurant. It has an excellent staff and consistently fine food. Oswaldo, Luis, and Juan( Ksoo) were my servers. I would have preferred that the management retain its no-pets policy, but I knowthat pet lovers would think differently. However, many people are allergic to cats, and I hope that they willnot be permitted in the rooms. Anaphalactic shock is one of the consequences of a cat allergy. I witnessed a hotel resident arguing with a concierge about not being able to smoke in the lobby. He patiently explained to the woman that this was government policy, not the decision of hotel management. Smokers seem to like the parking lot as a locaton to smoke. Even though we say that the customer is always right, it is wrong to be rude to the staff and take out your frustrations on personnel who are following instructions of management. I've witnessed hotel residents lie about their VIP status to claim special privileges, to which they are not entitled. This includes a free breakfast in the tower or keeping one's towels on a chaise longue, not returning for 4 hours.!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Another great trip

xxhermxx (Medicine Hat, Canada) on Jan 21, 2023

We just spent 2 weeks at the the Sheraton in one of the Master suites (room 2306). We had previously stayed in 2307. We had specifically asked for 2307 and were surprised when we got 2306. 2306 is a renovated version of 2307. The decor in 2306 is much more appealing. But it’s not necessarily better. The Master Suites have a living room, dining area, deck with jetted tub and 2 bathrooms. They are part of the club rooms on the highest floor. The room is very large and roomy. There were two main disappointments for us. First was that there was no door between the bedroom and living area. This was an excellent feature of 2307. It allowed for someone to sleep in complete darkness in the bedroom as well as block noise from the living room. Initially we were also disappointed that there was absolutely no privacy in the second bathroom but later we found the sliding door (very beautiful wood and very well made) that did provide privacy. Add that to the bedroom area and the room would be much better. The second disappointment was that the shower next the the deck was not as open as the one in 2307. My husband loved that it was surrounded entirely by glass (in 2307) and it gave the impression of showering over the ocean. Now for the positive — the bedding is much improved. There are two nice sized closets in the room now — one in the bathroom by the deck and one closer to the bedroom. The one closet is a walk in and includes a bench which is wonderful. Both closets have drawers and there are drawers in the bedroom. Storage was great. There is also plenty of bathroom storage. A nice new feature is the little vanity area close to the bedroom, with a bench and a makeup mirror. Of course there were two decent sized TVs. The couch in the living room was very comfortable. There was a nice teak cabinet with glasses, ice bucket, fridge and a bar sink. That was convenient. The chairs on the deck are nice to look at but not very comfortable. The hot tub on the deck — it would be nice if it was replaced with a dipping pool. I’m glad they did away with the tiny bottles of conditioner etc and put large bottles in the bathrooms. That is so much more practical and easy to use. As for the resort generally, the food in the al a carte restaurants was amazing. We didn’t get to try the bistro but it looked good. The buffet food was ok. I only went there once. The breakfast in the club lounge was not great. The omelettes were often cold. There was often not enough food. And, there was absolutely no variety. Same thing every day. But it was nice to sit up there, close to the room, and not have to go to the big buffet. My recommendation would be to add some variety. Maybe some scrambled eggs instead of the spinach omelettes every morning. Maybe some pancakes. Also more fruit, particularly watermelon. The food for the evening happy hour in the club lounge was excellent. One thing that would be nice is if there was an outdoor deck area off the club lounge. That would make it fantastic. Also the decor could use a little upgrade. Room service was disappointing. The last time we were there it was excellent and food arrived warm and fresh. This time, each time, my food arrived cold. I felt like I was given used fries from someone else’s plate or from the buffet. Also, there is now a 100 peso charge for any room service order which I think is excessive, especially for the price we pay for “all inclusive”. The water in the pool by the hotel is so nice and warm — very very pleasant. I previously complained about the noise at the pool and in the resort generally. I feel like the pool noise has decreased a lot — we no longer have to listen to the water aerobics instructor barking out commands on a hot mike and her shrill whistle. I feel like the lifeguard overdid the whistle a bit but I don’t know if he was saving lives! One issue about the pool is the “reserving” of chairs. It got annoying. People would save their rows and rows of lounge chairs and not show up for hours. The only time I left my lounge chair was to go in the pool, to go to the washroom or to book dinner with the concierge. Each time I was gone maybe 15 to 20 minutes maximum. I came down as early as 8am and towels would be draped across lounger chairs and not claimed until 10 or later despite the signs saying “any towels left unattended for more than a half hour will be removed”. That rule was never enforced. I’m not sure what the solution is for that and I realize that people usually only do it after they have seen someone else do it. People stoop to the lowest level expected of them, it seems. To add to the noise issue, some rude people would play their own music, or a podcast and expect the rest of us to listen. Headphones!!!! But you can’t police everyone. Also there were very few plastic tables at the pool. The only place that seemed to have them was the condo pool area. It would be nice to have tables for use for drinks and food. The chairs are crammed in so closely. It’s kind of incongruous to have social distancing stickers and signs and then have people at the pool crammed in like sardines. We would sometimes go to the grassy area over by the condos to get away from people and the noise. The nighttime noise is still an issue but at least it usually ends by 10 or earlier. Honestly I never had trouble sleeping due to noise. We saw new shows during this visit. The calibre of shows was very very good — the bands and the multitude of performers. There was a two man band that was really talented. The resort obviously wants to encourage patrons to tip — we are generous but don’t have unlimited funds and when the resort can’t provide change for 100’s and 200’s it makes it harder to tip. Firstly the only change we could ever get was 50’s — the front desk said they had no more 20’s and often we couldn’t even get 50’s. I found my requests for change were not pleasantly dealt with by the front desk. They seemed irritated even though I always picked times when they weren’t busy. The wifi is terrible. It’s there but it’s not reliable. I used my data every day. The crown jewels of this resort are the employees. I tried to remember some names but I forgot some. The staff in the club lounge were all very very good. All of them. They are very welcoming and professional. There was one fellow that says in a pleasant sing song voice “Buenos Díaz good morning!” to everyone! He was amazing. But they all were good there. At least this trip we were back to dishing in our own food. Eduardo in Embarcadero deserves special attention. You can tell that he is a businessman who knows how to make patrons feel valued. He was friendly, appropriate and provided great service! We really can’t say enough about him. He supported his staff and worked alongside them. He has a great team of staff there who were always happy and pleasant. Eduardo works hard to make your guests feel valued! Other staff — Mariano and Gamma at the pool were always pleasant. I recall Victor at Gaviotas being great. All of the staff at Gaviotas were very good. There was a young fellow named Fernando at the Italian restaurant who was fabulous. He had a great smile and brought my husband a special coffee one night. He went above and beyond. The housekeeping staff was also excellent. They were prompt and usually knew when we were out of the room so they could clean. They even wrapped cords. We had a leak from the tap under one of the sinks and it flooded one of our suitcases that was stored below the sink. Management called and offered to assist with drying things out. You can’t help those things and it was handled well. The concierge Jorge was very pleasant too — for booking dinner reservations. Last time we were there we received the cloth wristbands with a small room key on them. We loved them! We weren’t given them this time which greatly disappointed us. They are so convenient. Please consider bringing them back. They said they could not do it because of the all inclusive but I would have worn two wristbands if that was the only reason. Please give us that option. We used the workout room daily. It is well equipped and the only complaint I have is that I wish there was a washroom inside the workout room. Occasionally if you needed to use a washroom you have to leave the room and your machine. The location of the Sheraton can’t be beat. We walked to the mall at the Marina a few times. It’s about a 45 minute walk. The grocery store is only a 10 minute walk and of course there are pharmacies everywhere if you need anything like that. The Malecon is about a 15 minute walk. The sidewalks were being redone while we were there, making for a smoother walk. Once again we had a wonderful vacation at the Sheraton.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Wonderful hotel in paradise.

Donald C (Los Gatos, California) on Jan 21, 2023

Fantastic location near the north end of the malacon. Centro is walking distance. Great beach with palapas for relaxing. La Villita buffet has an extensive variety of freshly prepared breakfast foods daily. The people working in La Villita are especially friendly and helpful. Two of the hostesses, Pamela and Iris are our favorites as they always greet us with a smile, and make sure that we feel welcome.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Hugo and margarietta

540glenl (Mazatlan, Mexico) on Jan 20, 2023

These 2 entertainment directors were so amazing, funny and so good at keeping us have fun!!!!the hotel had great friendly staff and the buffet had the freshest fruit ever, gym was very nicely appointed with great equipment ,, Gaviotas restaurant was excellent food and service

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