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Stolen money no management response no communication, Great infrastructure, great food

C8897IOmarcinr on Jul 02, 2022

Dear All, I would like to share my experience with Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort. We have stayed in room 4252. I must say that Lopesan had a best infrastructure and food provided among all Bavaro Beach Hotels. I would like to share with You unpleasant situation which we had experience in Hotel. On 26th at 12:40 we left the room (Safety Deposit Box we forgot to close). My wife came to the room at 15:01. Between this time nobody was in the room from our family. At 14:37 our Safety Deposit Box was locked and 100 USD bill was missing from my wallet all other belongings remained untouched. Somebody locked the safe box with different code than we normally use. (When we tried to open safety box error came- service man must open safety box. Lopesan service people enter the room few time (please see attached pictures of door log) between 14:40 and 15:00. (we did not checked how clock is synchronized in the safety box and doors 3 min time difference) Room was not cleaned this day (service came after 18:07 to ask to clean the room). Question what was the reason to be in the room 14:40-14:45? We were waiting 3 days to hear something from service desk but on the end, they mention that they not noticed anything strange and any type of compensation was proposed. I will expect that in the hotel I should feel safe and nobody should touch my belongings. This is the reason why I’m disappointed with the service and customer orientation at hotel. Please be sure to keep Yours belongings always locked. Today I got information that tomorrow will have more info. So far one week passed and no information from Lopesan management.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Carlenis from GR saved the day!!

LeslieLemYYZ (Toronto, Canada) on Jun 30, 2022

We are a family of 4 and here for 10 days. We arrived yesterday and had some issues with our room. But Carlenis from Guest Relations came to the rescue and fixed everything. That is what I call A+ service. We have been to over 100 resorts and this excellent service is what makes the best stand out from the rest! Mucho Gracias Carlenis! Our vacation can officially start now! So far its a Great resort, nice grounds and food is great. Water park is fun too!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing family vacation!

lioness778 (Montreal, Canada) on Jun 29, 2022

We are presently staying at the Lopesan and this place is amazing! I still cannot believe the bad reviews! This place is esthetically beautiful and so clean. Whoever designed this place had an amazing vision. Each restaurant, each corner, each bar is designed in such a modern way. The people are so kind and service is up to par with any 5 star hotel. For those who say they only speak Spanish is untrue and you’re in their country, why not make the effort to learn a few words! The food is good, very clean areas, a variety of choices, a little salty at times but overall good. The pool is gorgeous, plenty of chairs and parasols, waitresses always taking drink orders. Several bars around the resort so believe me you will not be waiting much for drinks. Waterpark for the kids os amazing and great hit with the kids. Overall this is one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed in DR. You’re on vacation, relax, breathe, take your time, sit back and enjoy. The only negative remark i will make is the stores on the boulevard are expensive, 6$US for a bag of chips, 14$US for aloe. They can charge extra but it’s a bit much.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Not Relaxing AT ALL. Will not return. Very SICK. A party resort.

998travel (Toronto, Canada) on Jun 29, 2022

We booked this hotel when it was 5 stars and it has since gone down for good reason. Will never return here again. Pros: ? Facilities are incredible. The hotel is truly beautiful. ? Buffet food and alcohol options are expansive and good, as far as all inclusive resorts go. But the same every day. Also it is ONE buffet with two seating areas… not two buffets. Don’t be fooled. ? We tipped housecleaning daily and received awesome service. Very sweet and did cute flower designs on our beds for us. Cons: ? Upon arrival, we were ignored for over 20 minutes, and were the first in line, before the second of only 2 people, decided to check us in. Instead the other played busy, and pretended to pace back and forth and ignored us. Not a good start. Didn’t offer us a drink. When they serviced us, they were incredibly unhappy. ? The resort is 90% Spanish-speaking and 10% English-speaking travellers. The service reflects that. Nobody speaks English. At all. The pool entertainment does not translate anything and speaks only Spanish. The servers and bartenders do not speak English. The service overall is horrendous. Nobody seats you at the buffets, they don’t thank you when you tip. We stopped tipping half way through because the service was so awful. We rarely saw a smile, or thanks for our generous tips. ? Important: rooms will not be ready until after 3 pm. So if u have an early flight, you’re screwed like us. ? IMPORTANT: I became violently ill on the second night. Everyone we spoke to at the resort became violently ill. I mean it when I say violently ill. I’m home and still very sick and need to get stool samples to check for a parasite infection. I avoided lettuce and water. So it must be unsanitary food prep or the ice they use. No matter what you do, you will get very sick. ? There is NO WHERE to relax or escape the relentless noise. The music at the main pool begins at 9 am every morning and does NOT stop until 7 pm. It is so blaringly loud. It is deep house/beats/techno music and only that all day. We are two 27 year olds and the music was too much for us. THIS IS NOT A RELAXING PLACE. Every buffet and bar played the same dance music at 6 am onward. You could not go anywhere without loud music. NO WHERE online said it was a party resort. If we had known we would have NEVER come. People bring their own speakers and blare that noise on top of the already loud music playing from the DJ at the pool. It’s a disaster. ? The beach is the worst beach I have ever been to in my life. It is situated between two PUBLIC beaches with security preventing you from entering the public side. But they don’t prevent others from entering our private area. Many weird people without bracelets used the Lopesan beach. A man with a machine rifle walked the beach one evening. Horrifying. There was LOTS of seaweed which is out of their control. BUT… the sheer amount of boats docking and parking on either side of this small beach BLARING MUSIC every five minutes is horrendous. Very profane loud songs. We could hear them from our room on the other side of the resort. You can’t escape the loud pool music by going to the beach. It is only worsened by the party boats taking off every few minutes from the public side. It’s awful. The boats are unsightly. You cant walk the beach or collect seashells either because there are no seashells and the beach is small, with the sketchy public beach on each side. ? The profound smell of mold is shocking. The lobby bathrooms are almost unbearable because they stink of black mold. Many of the areas smelled like this. Which is concerning for the people working in that environment regularly. We are disheartened we spent almost $2000 on this trip. We did not get to relax or nap on the beach once. The noise everywhere is truly unbelievable, the beach is a major let down and I regret ever going as I have never been so sick in my entire life. There’s so many more other issues, but I wanted to cover the main problems. Lopeasan: get rid of the loud music and dj’s at the pool, play something soft and tropical in the background. Figure out a way to remove those party boats at the beach and train your staff in customer service. Figure out what is making everyone so sick too. If it’s the ice or food, that’s a big problem.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

A week in paradise

Lakegirl311 (Tulsa, Oklahoma) on Jun 29, 2022

We visited Lopesan during the last week of June. The weather was perfect, the facilities are immaculate and the service is outstanding. I would recommend you spend the e tea money for the unique experience. Get to the pool early for great seats but there’s plenty of seating (not poolside) if you wait. Reserve restaurants early. We missed that and were limited in where we could eat. Bring pool inflatables and don’t miss the water park if you have young kids. There is so much to do for every age group. Tipping a few dollars to wait staff, housekeeping and bartenders goes a long way. They are working hard for sure! Enjoy your stay!

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