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Anniversary / Birthday

denisemJ4608FO on Jul 03, 2022

This was our first time visiting the DR Secrets. All I can say is I will NOT be back. Although The grounds and service were amazing and the room was very nice due to an issue we had when we first arrived they upgraded our room with a wrap around balcony able to see the ocean from all sides. (we had paid for the preferred club) the food was the worst I have had in all my travels. The food was always cold and I was constantly sick. I only drank the bottled water. We have been to secrets in Mexico and what a difference!!! ( no issues at all) Mexico blew it away. The preferred club lounge was never replenished with food once again always cold. How do you eat cold quesadillas , pizza and chicken wings??? The buffet was horrendous and If we weren’t able to eat at the preferred restaurant olio for breakfast and lunch it would have been a disaster. We met couples from all over and they seemed to feel the same about the food. Not sure why so many people say the food is amazing… all the videos never show the seaweed and the ocean is def not crystal clear. If you think you are getting Caribbean ocean you are def not!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

20th Anniversary Trip. Would not recommend!! There was nothing but problem after problem for 8 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teresa B on Jul 03, 2022

We checked in around 5:00 on June 25. When we told them we did not want to upgrade to “preferred”, they immediately changed our room from one side of the resort to the other and said our original room was not ready. The man that checked us in gave us a paper to fill out stating that it was our 20th anniversary trip which was to include a banner on the door, breakfast in bed the day of our anniversary with a bottle of champagne. Of course we filled it out with what we wanted for breakfast and were told to bring it back down to the lobby the next morning. So we did. We were greeted by a man named Freddy. He called himself Fast Freddy so that is a big clue that this is not going to be good. He asked for the paper that we filled out and said he would get it scheduled for us. We told him we just wanted to talk to the Amstar rep to schedule our excursions. He told us we could not talk to them until we talked to him. Another red flag, but not being experienced travelers, we listened to him. He told us that he was going to give us “special resort coupons” that consisted of buy one get one massage free, an additional breakfast in bed as well as other resort credits. He was going to schedule all of this for us. He pushed us into a room where they proceeded to try to get us to buy into their timeshare. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! We told the man countless times we were not interested, but he would not stop. Granted, he wasn’t holding us hostage, but he would not let us walk away either. After wasting a whole half of our first day, we finally broke free from them only to be treated like we were less than because we did not want to buy in. That was all in less than 24 hours. Let’s fast forward to our anniversary day, June 29. No banner, no champagne, no breakfast in bed and no buy one get one massage. My husband had to call the concierge 4 times to find out what was going on. Then we find out Freddy did not turn our paperwork in. Their resolution? They will bring us a “special” breakfast and get the banner on our door tomorrow. Mind you, this was all supposed to be done when we checked in. The icing on the cake for our anniversary was: Room did not get cleaned until after 2:00 in the afternoon, banner got hung on the door and bottle of champagne was delivered after 4:00. We would have done better for each other at home!! Anniversary night, we ordered room service. 30-45 minute wait…that’s fine. An hour later, we call to check. “We will get it to you right now!!” Another hour….nothing. Call to check and get “We’re sorry”. Bottom line, we never got it. We scheduled photos at the WBA Studio that is promoted all over the resort. Our appointment was at 5:30 on June 30. We take it easy with the subpar drinks and the amazing sun that day. We show up at 5:20. 5:45 comes and no one shows up. At this point we are beyond fed up with all of the sh**. We go to the concierge. Talk to the concierge manager and she tells us that the resort does not manage the spa, Freddy or the photo studio. The only resolution offered was a “free” dinner on the beach. LOLOLOLOL!!! Nope!! Not scheduling another thing at this unorganized over priced place!! OUR ROOM HAS STILL NOT BEEN CLEANED!!! Call housekeeping. Take a shower and go on to dinner. Get back to our room, the bed it made and the towels have been changed. There is still old food and empty water bottles (that we had to request multiple times) sitting on the table and patio from the night before. I really don’t even know what to say at this point. If you’re still reading this, there were also some good things here. The entertainment staff was awesome. Most of the bartenders and wait staff were awesome as well. Smiling, laughing and doing their best to make sure you have a good time. There is a wide variety of food that was all really good. I will say the drinks from the bars away from the swim up bar are much better. We have absolutely NO plans of ever staying at another over priced Secrets resort again. This novel I wrote is just really the tip of the iceberg of the issues.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

2.0 anniversary!!!

jeremybS7464SK on Jul 02, 2022

Honest review..the good, the bad and the ugly. We booked through a travel agent for our 20th anniversary trip. Arrived on Saturday late afternoon. While checking in, we told them we weren’t interested in upgrading and they immediately changed our room. The bell boy did an extremely fast speed walk with us and our luggage to our room. Not sure what all he was trying to tell us as he was several feet ahead of us the whole time. First thing Sunday morning, we went to the lobby to schedule our excursions with Amstar. A guy named Freddy (he does not work for Amstar) approached us offering “special discounts” for the spa, casino and other resort activities. We told him multiple times we were not interested and that we just wanted to schedule our excursions. He repeatedly told us we could not do that until we talked to him. He said he was scheduling our massages, anniversary breakfast and other things. (Come to find out, he did none of that. No buy one get one massage, no breakfast, nothing!!) Put us in a room where they proceeded to try to convince us to buy into their timeshare. By this time, Freddy was gone. We told the next guy multiple times he was wasting our time and we didn’t want to talk with him. He wasn’t holding us hostage or anything, but he would not let us walk away. Wasted half of our first full day. Once we were finally able to get away from them, we were finally able to schedule our excursions with Amstar. So friendly and helpful!! Made our way to the pool with a delicious cocktail in hand. We ran into the entertainment staff. Dariel was so much fun and so personable!! The resort is very colorful with beautiful foliage and pools. The bartenders and wait staff around the pools are super fun and always smiling and laughing with you! Skip to our anniversary day, we did not receive our breakfast, banner on our door (that was supposed to be there when we checked in), our champagne until 4:00 in the afternoon. We had to ask 4 times. They didn’t even clean our room that day until after 12:00. Such a disappointment. But…that evening in the pavilion, Dariel remembered it was our anniversary and had them make an announcement. The singer sang a song to us while we had a dance. It was great!! And that’s just what the entertainment staff does for you!! We scheduled photos to be taken. Appointment time was 5:30. We showed up, they didn’t. At this point we were very upset. Went to the concierge and spoke to the manager. We told her all of the issues that had taken place over the last several days. She informed us that the resort does not manage the “timeshare” salespeople or the photo shop. The only consolation she could offer was a free dinner on the beach. Really??!! We ordered room service for after dinner snacks, it didn’t come. We called them again to reorder and it didn’t come either. On our last full day, we met a manager named Anahay. She is absolutely amazing and was very apologetic for all of the inconveniences we had. (Haven’t even listed all of them) I really wish we had met her sooner. As of 6:00 in the evening our last day, our room had not been cleaned. I will say the food at all of the restaurants is very good!! The hibachi is amazing, so don’t forget to make a reservation for that!! (The only restaurant you have to make a reservation for.) So to sum it all up, look for the entertainment staff, especially Dariel!! Need help with anything, look for Anahay, she will take care of you!!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing resort with top notch service

joannesabo (Media, Pennsylvania) on Jul 02, 2022

We arrived at Secrets Royal Beach Saturday June 11th for a week vacation with our best vacation friends JoAnn & Scott Bennett. We had been to the resort in October 2021 and couldn’t wait to go back as we had enjoyed it so much. The staff at this resort is like no other. You really do feel like your home with family and friends surrounding you. We were happy to meet Edgar who would be our butler for the week. He was top notch and knew exactly how to make our trip the best ever. He went above and beyond what would be expected of him and he was tipped appropriately. Edgar really is a gem, request him for you butler and you’ll see what I mean. From making our reservations to making sure we had red wine and champagne in our room daily to delivering us cheese and desert trays to making sure our AC was set the coldest it can go to and then finally making a romantic bath on the balcony as a surprise when we got home from the beach our last day! We just adore him and his personality is like no other. Always smiling and willing to do whatever you need. A+++ employee and this resort is lucky to have him on their staff. The entertainment was so great too. Every evening they performed a show which was entertaining and fun! Restaurants were incredible this time, we all said it was even a little more tasty than in October. We had some of the best servers too. All of the restaurants were delicious but we particularly liked Blue Water Grill and our waiter Elise was the BEST!!! Always greeted us by name and smiled the entire time. So kind and so welcoming!! We went to Olio for breakfast and several lunches and Jose was outstanding. You can just tell how serious he takes his job and again a smiling face all the time. Our butler Edgar reserved us dinner at Oceana over at Dreams and WOW. The sat us in the wine cellar and the food was outstanding. Service was impeccable as well. Chef Manuel did his magic for us on our first and last night at the resort (we had met him in October and kept in touch via WhatsApp). He’s a special man who wants to make your vacation memorable and happy. He smiles non stop and makes you feel like family! Love him to pieces. We had a couples massage and they were so relaxing. Fray and Raphiala at the spa were fabulous. I wish I could have had another massage it was that good. Another person who really stood out was Chiquita (Chi chi) at the preferred club pool. All I can say is wow!! She is so good at her job and does it with a smile too. Saved us awesome seats everyday and we never had an empty cup. I’m a champagne drinker and she would drop me a bottle at a time which I didn’t see her do for anyone else. Made me feel very special. She was tipped appropriately as well and I gifted her a beautiful pair of earrings too. I just adore her! We went on a trip to Sanoa Island which was beautiful. As gold plus members of UVS we were very happy with how this resort treated us (we were upgraded to ocean view and had booked tropical). We love our membership and all of the trips we have taken thus far have been excellent. Secrets Royal Beach is a resort we hold near and dear to our hearts. We will be back soon!!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

My favorite place to be!

corrines442 (Springfield, Massachusetts) on Jul 02, 2022

If you are looking for a fantastic vacation this is the place to be! This resort has it all! It is the cleanest kept resort. The staff are all so friendly and so much fun. The entertainment staff are always there to make sure you are having a great time. The shows at night are really well done. The rooms are really nice and we never thought that we would have to upgrade to preferred any of the 4 times we have been at Secrets Royal Beach. All of the food is amazing with the exception of El Patio being our least favorite. There are many drinks to choose from. I do like the fact that they don't do a heavy pour with the liquor in the drinks, it's nice to enjoy drinks all day without feeling terrible the next day although if you ask for a double they are ok with that. The beach is beautiful (highly recommended bringing a float as it was great to float in the ocean). They also use a tractor to rake the seaweed, unlike the other resorts which was wonderful. The vendors in the beach can be annoying to some but if you politely say no thank you they leave you alone. We did find that talking with them was great, they like that you have come to see their country. We have been 4 times now and we already look forward to going back!

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