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Missing luggage

maria s on May 18, 2024

I would love to leave a good review of this hotel because up until the last day we had so much fun. I am currently on the phone with the air line we booked with trying to get my luggage back. When we were brought to the lobby on the day of check out the driver brought our luggage out of the trolly and left it on the steps for when the bus came an hour later. When the bus arrived the luggage was gone. The driver of the bus said maybe it is at the airport and an earlier bus took it there by mistake. So we got on the bus and drove to the air port where the luggage was not found. The luggage was later found at the hotel but the hotel did not want to send to the airport. I left the country without our luggage. To say the least this whole situation has caused a great deal of stress that I feel like could have been avoided. It seems like the hotel doesn’t want to take responsibility for the missing luggage, which I feel like isn’t the greatest customer service.

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Fantastic Stay!

Christine G (Sault Ste. Marie, Canada) on May 16, 2024

We stayed at the Grand Coba in January and had a great stay. Our room was right by the pool. Although it had a bit of a musty smell it was clean and comfortable! We upgraded so that we can play at all the resorts and so glad that we did. It was nice to be able to have lunch at the buffet by the beach. The trolley’s were great so walking didn’t discourage us from checking out the other resorts. The food was amazing! Overall we enjoyed our stay! This is our second time at Bahia Principe but this time at Grand Coba! Thank you!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Honeymoon stay

Fireopal2013 (Southampton, United Kingdom) on May 15, 2024

We stayed here for our honeymoon, the scenery was gorgeous. The grounds are very well maintained. You can see that everyone works very hard to keep this place looking clean and tidy. There is lots of wildlife to look at too which we found funny especially when the racoons managed to open the food storage cupboard and grab a snack or too on an early morning stroll whilst we were jet lagged. Although the rooms are slightly dated, I thought they had a certain charm about them. They certainly had a Carribbean sort of vibe to them and were very spacious and comfortable. We had everything we needed in them. It was also a lovely touch that the room had been decorated with a banner and petals for our honeymoon. Thank you it was a very nice surprise. The food and drinks was actually quite good which from me is high praise indeed as I am extremely fussy. Although it could be a bit repetitive I always managed to find something to eat that wasn't just chips or pasta like I have at other resorts. My partner and I enjoyed going down to the bar at the hacienda which was also included. It was a great spot to chill with a beer, chat and people watch. The shops in the hotel were quite expensive so if you smoke I'd recommend getting your cigarettes at the airport or of you go out and about for the day. We had a great stay at the coba. I would definitely recommend it if you just want to chill out..

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You couldn't pay me to stay here again....

Christine M on May 13, 2024

If I could give this resort 0 stars I would. This would be for 2 main reasons (with many other reasons). Their response (or lack of response) to an injury that happened on their property was absolutely appalling. It took them 2 hours from time of the incident to respond and show up, and it wasn't even the Coba staff that responded, it was staff from the Tulum resort. No first aid was administered and all that was offered at the time was a wheelchair as I was unable to walk (but the wheelchair was temporary as it needed to be returned to the Tulum resort). After the incident there was NO follow-up what-so-ever, in fact there was straight refusal to help. Ice was denied often, only one crutch (with the threat of a charge if it wasn't returned) was provided upon request, and when rides were requested, they were also denied. There was even a time where we requested a ride from a cart and were told "no" because we were not privilege members, where the cart slowly crawled behind us as I struggled to get to my end destination. I walked on a broken ankle for a week as the hotel continually denied us assistance. If you are staying at this property and choose to go to Hacienda for dancing here is what you need to know (that the property does not disclose ahead of time). The surface is uneven cobblestone, not an ideal surface to dance on. WEAR RUNNERS. This surface is not safe to dance on in sandals or heels. In fact it is incredibly dangerous. I was one of 5 people that fell due to the uneven surface (in the 2+ hours I was there), and unfortunately I sustained injuries that will last for months. The second issue was food allergies and cross-contamination. If you have any anaphylactic allergies or are celiac DO NOT STAY HERE. They will tell you that the "safety of their guests, particularly those with intolerances or allergies, is paramount" but that is a blatant lie. Buffet labels were inconsistent, non-descriptive, and always incorrect. The use of utensils and tongs were interchanged between dishes causing major cross contamination. I even watched them open a package of gluten free bread, arguably the only gluten free item they had on the property, with a regular bread knife. Watching their unsafe food handling practices, made it hard to trust that anything was gluten free at all. On top of that, only 1/5 a la carte restaurants was prepared with a gluten free option while the others struggled to come up with a meal that was less-than-desirable. This is unacceptable for an all-inclusive resort. We stayed here only because we were attending a wedding on the property, had we known the experience we were going to have, we would have stayed elsewhere and paid the fee to attend the wedding. This was my first time in Mexico, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. This property clearly only cares about making money and not the well-being of their patrons.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Unpleasant stay

Stephanie G on May 13, 2024

Quite honestly, I’m baffled by all the good reviews. I’m currently here for a weeklong stay and have been contemplating leaving. The room is hot, the AC doesn’t work and the room smells terrible like musty and moldy. I asked to switch rooms and their solution was to bring a dehumidifier (which they never did) but I don’t even was a dehumidifier, I want a new room where I can breath safely without getting sick from whatever I’m being exposed to. Oh and tonight I discovered an ant problem by the coffee pot outlet which I didn’t notice until I picked up my phone and became covered in ants. In addition, there has been an extreme lack of communication with how the all inclusive works and how certain things work like obtaining bottled water, getting beach towels, transportation on the trolleys, where do go for excursion pick up, etc.. I am so disappointed in this hotel and I can’t stand being in this room to sleep at night, it’s utterly disgusting.

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