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Nikte has a bunch of misleading information on the ads.

Wvb177 on Feb 23, 2024

We tried the Nikte upgraded service which promised a lot on their homepage and delivered on basically none of those promises. Here are a few of the things promised with Nikte and what was actually delivered. - a coffee machine in the room (this did not happen until the final two days.) I needed to ask every day until it did… moreover a way to make hot water or drink coffee even exists in very cheap 1 star motels. The staff told us to walk to a commons coffee machine as they were “free and always available”. The one near our room was often closed or did not have water. So I would walk across the entire hotel to the Nikte section for morning coffee. - 24/7 concierge is promised on the home page. Ours was great, but was there during 9-5pm. These people are taking care of a dozen families! Our concierge was amazing (Emmanuel Baranda). But, please update the misleading website. No need to mislead about 24/7. - fully stocked mini bar. This has potato chips, cookies, water, beer and Coke.. not a single healthy choice in sight. Moreover there is no way to buy your own food on-site as the small hotel stores only have more junk food. We tried room service and it really depended on the items and the night. - our room was a first floor corner room with pool access. It was dark, with no direct sunlight any time of the day. A bit like a cenote' cave without any of the scenic romance. People had a direct and very near line of sight into our room, as they crossed the bridge into the building. “Good morning, hi ??” My wife was not happy. - toilet broke first time we used it. 9pm.. staff said wait an hour. They came and fixed it :) then we tried the shower… aha! Also broken… call again, and once again we need to wait an hour. (They came the next day and fixed it! It worked very well for the remainder of our visit.) Maybe check the rooms before guests get there? - turn down service. We did not get this. Some nights a lady would come and ask us if we needed towels. Most nights no one came. Once again do not say that you have this on the ad if you do not do this. Opportunities for betterment: 1. Offer better foods or a wider selection for a premium. I would have gladly paid for fruit, cheese or other similar snacks via room service. Oysters!!? Yes I happily paid for those for extra. I think extending the room service with these things for premium would be good business and very appreciated by guests. 2. we came in around 3pm. It was almost perfect. As we were checking in after a 7 hour journey, the staff offered some drinks and snacks for the kids… unfortunately before the drinks arrived we were wisped away by our room guide. Let guests drink some water, or mojitos and relax a bit on arrival. Who knows how many hours they have just travelled. Or at minimum wait until the drinks the ordered arrives. 3. Leave more than one tooth brush the first night for a family of four. So what’s up with all of the upvotes? This hotel is great for families with kids who want to hang out at the pool and beech. It has a water park! My kids had fun and yours probably will too. The area is also amazing and has a lot to do! Is it premium or great!? Simply no. My other visit to Playa Del Carmen was when I was 12. That one left a lasting impression. This is the reason why at 34 I brought my family back. Only the test of time will tell how my kids remember it. For my wife and I, not so great memories at this hotel as 50% of our days... were let down after let down. Precious vacation time can be spent anywhere in the world, and in that light.. I give three stars.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Beautiful Location and Wonderful Service

Walt A (Boston, Massachusetts) on Feb 23, 2024

Our stay at Paradisus La Perla was overall very nice. The workers were friendly and helpful. The only chief complaint was the lack of truly quiet zones. The constant playing of music by the DJ near the pool was intolerable at times during the day. The elevator music played throughout the hotel common areas seems to be played too loudly as well. The sofas in the swim-up Jr Suite could use some comfort upgrades. Finally, the gym equipment was somewhat outdated and there were some pieces of exercise equipment not functioning but overall, the gym was adequate.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Phenomenal Service

Mendezv89 (Bensenville, Illinois) on Feb 23, 2024

First time coming to this Paradisus Resort in Playa Del Carmen. I must say this has been by far one of the best all inclusive experiences at this luxurious resort. Overall, great stay, great staff, great food and definitely a great atmosphere. Everything was beautiful about this resort. I would definitely be coming back here with my friends and family. Wendy- waitress from the reserve section, & La Palapa restaurant was very exceptional ???? She gave good recommendations drinks/food. She was the best ?? Oscar- waiter from reserve section & Fahrenheit Poolside restaurant was very attentive to our needs and he always made sure we had our drinks/food- was very on top of his service. He was awesome ?? Julie- Reserve Concierge was always attentive to our needs and ensuring we never missed any events, helped set our dinner reservations smoothly. Alejandro- waiter from Fuego was very charismatic and up beat. He gave great food recommendations and brought out a platter of dessert. Great service! Flor- house keeper was always on top of our room and always made sure we had everything we needed to make our stay welcome. She’s the sweetest. ??

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Do not hesitate to book, this place is gorgeous

Michelle M on Feb 22, 2024

We just returned from this resort one week ago and I have to say that this resort was amazing! We have been to Mayan Riviera many times, but this was by far the best resort. We booked a regular garden view jr suite with WestJet vacations for 10 days. The included transportation with Nexus was quite disorganized upon our arrival to Cancun and we stopped at 3 other stops before getting to La Perla, so I think private transportation would have been worth paying extra for. The hotel check-in was very smooth, the staff were very nice and efficient and provided us with drinks and our party of 6 were kindly given beautiful rooms in the reserve building with outdoor jacuzzi's, we absolutely loved our rooms and the bed was so comfortable! We however did not have any other reserve upgrades which we expected in advance, but had the option to pay extra for. The highlights of our vacation were breakfast in our room, it was so good and made for a relaxing start to the day, but we also tried the buffet for breakfast half of the time and it was good too. I was a little surprised that the breakfast buffet is open until 11:00am but when they say 11:00 they mean 11:00 and you can no longer get food that is already out even if you are still inside. The Lunchbox on the family side is also fantastic for breakfast. The beach was gorgeous, nice turquoise warm water and little to no seaweed for the first week, the last few days were quite windy and quite a lot was rolling into shore, but we really appreciated the resort staff that were working so hard in the hot sun to try and keep up with it. The food and drink at this resort was great, we loved Bana, Fuego, the Martini bar was a nice touch, the Blue Agave taco place, the Nespresso coffee shops and ice cream shop were all fantastic (although somehow every single day they would run out of the cones though, I got a cone once in 10 days, the rest just a cup which was fine). Honestly they are constantly working hard to maintain this resort every single day, so wear and tear is kept to a minimum. I also have to say that this resort threw the best Superbowl party. We were so impressed with the barbecue they had and all the snacks to grab, as well as all the football theme desserts. We weren't expecting much at all because of other resorts we've been to during Superbowl, but now hubby wants to go next year to this resort for Superbowl! Also recommend getting photos done at the resort, you don't pay for the photoshoot, you only pay for pictures you like and we loved them. We ended up getting 10 total we purchased. Some things that could be slightly improved, but did not in any way whatsoever ruin our vacation are things almost everyone says on here. The adult pool is very cold and could be just a little warmer, the family side pools seemed a bit warmer. Some days the DJ by the pool does get to be a little too much with the base, loved the one DJ who did 80s stuff incorporated into beats, it was awesome and everyone was singing and dancing. As far as night entertainment... I actually appreciated that they didn't have cheesy shows like other resorts do. I like that they had bands in the South bar at 10pm most nights where people gathered, drank, and danced in such a gorgeous setting. But I wish this would go a little longer until 11:30 or 12:00 for the adults side. By the time we would get out of dinner we didn't have much time to enjoy the entertainment. Everything at 11:00pm just shuts completely down, even the bar in the area, which I feel if that at least stayed open a bit later would have still been nice, it just kind of brought fun nights to a halt and fast. After 11 you could go to the sports bar, but it was actually gross and was very smelly in there and needs a refresh, so we never stuck around. One other thing that I wish they had was more of a place during lunch hours where you could walk up and have quick take away food like burgers, fries, pizza, chicken fingers, nachos... Something quick to grab and continue on with your day. They did have all those food options, but lunch always seemed like a big ordeal of sitting down and ordering, or would take forever for poolside service. Oh and housekeeping always wanted to clean your room too early in the morning. I like easy mornings where we can sit and have breakfast in our room or go for breakfast come back and change and then head out for the day and let them clean the room by 11 or 12 while we are at the pool or beach, but that's just my preference, but they seemed in a hurry to clean early, sometimes even call. Also, getting the water or beer in the room restocked always seemed like a hassle as well. Out of 10 days it was restocked once, we were constantly calling the front desk to ask for a restock or searching for bottled water which we could always end up finding somewhere, but more convenient if it was in the room. The beach bar would always tell us that bottled water is only for reserved cabana guests, same with canned beer, but we found lipstick on the cups at this bar a couple times and didn't want to use the cups. The Italian restaurant was good but just way too loud in there, I couldn't wait to get out. Oh and yes it was a bit annoying with them trying to get you to go see "the presentation", it's not a timeshare spiel. Multiple people were trying to get us to go to this, even calling our room, so it gets a bit much. But as mentioned none of these things ruined our stay at all, but if improved could be even better! We had some nightmare people in the room above us for a few nights partying, screaming, running back and forth and playing music way too loud, which seemed like kids in the adult section, but not the resorts fault, just inconsiderate people. We found that the staff worked very hard, the majority were very friendly, and the rest that weren't as friendly still did their job well. The most friendly person was the man who handed out the towels in the reserve section, everyday a smile on his face and kind words, as well as the beach servers were so nice (we loved this service), as well as I think her name was Thiadora or Diadora, always so kind and working hard to keep the washroom clean and restocked. I wish I could remember more names of people that provided such good service at the a la cartes. We also loved all the wildlife at the resort, especially the friendly kitties. And we loved all the walkways through the mangroves to the beach. We would go back in a heartbeat and I can't wait to book our next stay here! I'm already checking out future dates. 10 days flew by way too fast.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Very good

Paolas022024 (Montreal, Canada) on Feb 22, 2024

Third time at this resort. Gets better every time. Disappointed about the weeds but hotel make the effort to clean every day. also ocean has rocks recommend to wear water choose. Every other aspect still makes it all worth it.

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