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Above and beyond service from Bellman Isreal

Lori O on Jan 26, 2023

I have been to several all inclusive resorts in the Cancun/ Myan area and always Platinum Royal, or what ever top tier for that particular resort. The over all experience at PYP was very good but what made it great was Israel. We were three sisters and he asked our names when we first met. He continued to call us by name, anticipate our on site shuttle needs, give us advice on tours. Etc. His exceptional attention made it very pleasant and memorable.

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Would not return

Dan L (Fairborn, Ohio) on Jan 20, 2023

We are here now. We have vacationed in numerous resorts. Checking in was fine. Got into our room early. Bell staff is outstanding . We had a delux with hot tub. It took 3 days to get it fixed. Whenever I called for an update I was told maintenance had been there. After 4 supposed visits I went to the concierge at 11pm and complained. a young worker arrived. It took him literally 3 minutes. He unplugged it and plugged it back inTo reset the motors. Our hero. We have been here 4 days and today was the first day we got house keeping . Again,I called each day and was told they were short staffed. Dink’s were fine, bar staff great. As far as food the choices were limited. The buffet is small compared to other 4+ resorts. Overall ok, but we have experienced better.

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A good time, but could have been better

735chadb (Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Canada) on Jan 16, 2023

My wife and I had always been curious about the Platinum Yucatan Princess as it came up on many of our searches for a good 5 Star Adult-Only resort with Swim-Out options. We are regular travelers to the Caribbean, and this was our third trip to the Mayan Riviera area, having staying previously at the Bahia Principe Luxury Sian Ka’an. We stayed at this resort from December 27, 2022 to January 2, 2023. ARRIVAL (4/5) Unfortunately, due to Sunwing flight delays, we only arrived at the resort around 4:30am. As one can imagine, we were not greeted with champagne or any type of fruity drinks as the resort was still ‘asleep’ and staff were limited. That being said, the check-in was easy, efficient, and quick. We had originally booked a non-deluxe room but decided to upgrade to a non-deluxe swim-out. Cost about $430.00 CDN for our 6 day stay. A gentleman took our bags to our room and made gave us a short tour. ROOM (4/5) As mentioned above, we had a non-deluxe swim-out in Building 4 (Room 4006). For us, this was ideal as the non-deluxe rooms are located away from most of the restaurants (the exception being the steakhouse), main lobby, and beach. Building 4 is the closest to the lobby area and not directly facing or giving access to the main ‘party’ pool. Buildings 1, 2, and 3 are quite far from the main areas (although when you are on vacation a nice little walk might not be that big of a deal LOL). The room itself was very nice. In the main area of the room we had a small dining table for two, flat screen TV (which we did not use), extremely comfy bed (we had a King), and a cozy sofa with coffee table. As seems to be the trend with these types of rooms, the toilet was in a secluded separate small room. And the bathtub, shower, and double vanity all in the same location. They were open to the main area with a glass divider separating the bathtub from the bedroom area. We had no experience with any ‘critters’ in our room. Did not notice any insects at all. We had no issues with Air Conditioning (although we could not really figure out how to adjust room temperature) and the shower was amazing (two separate rainfall and one handheld shower head (we always had hot water). The only issue we had was on our last day, a few hours before check-out, the resort seemed to have no water…this was a minor inconvenience as we were hoping for one last shower before the travel home. A standard size safe is provided and ours worked perfectly. Standard North American plug outlets with certain plugs fitted for USB. There was a large closet with about 5 hangers (we had brought extra) and three small drawers. The mini fridge was stocked with a few Colas (Pepsi), a couple of 7ups, an Orange drink, two beers (Coronas), and bottled water. Note that there were no snacks in the mini fridge (but we were covered having brought a couple of cans of Pringles). They also provided three bottles of hard liquor (12 oz bottles); one Rum, one Vodka, and one that we could not identify but drank anyway LOL. The were not top brands but were good enough to mix with the soft drinks provided. We drank all of them and they were not replaced. They provided a small coffee machine with a two bags of coffee god for a total of 4 small cups (the coffee was just ok, not very strong). Our patio was nice and private. They provided two chairs, a small table, and two loungers. Although they looked stylish, they were very uncomfortable and one of our biggest complaints as we did spend quite a lot of time at our swim-out. The swim-out itself was amazing! Clean pool, relatively quiet, and got full sun from 11am to about 5pm. It is narrow, but long enough for us to use the length to toss a small ball around. You could clearly here the music from the ‘Party’ pool which was heavy to bass modern dance music. We did not mind so much, but if you are looking for quiet, the only place you would find it would be on the Deluxe side of the resort or in block 4 towards the bottom end (furthest from the ‘Party’ pool. The most annoying part of our swim-out experience was not the resort’s fault. It was our neighbors playing a Bluetooth speaker…this mixed with the music coming from the ‘party’ pool was a little distracting. Unfortunately, there was not much we could do about this and thankfully our neighbors were not out too often. POOLS (3/5) We spent most of the time at our swim-out pool. It was not crowded at all. The water temperature was cool, but we enjoyed this as it got sun for a good 6 hours during the day. Unfortunately, we found it too cool to swim at night. We went to the ‘party’ pool once during our stay. The music was exceptionally loud, the pool bar was incredibly crowded and so was the entire pool. This main pool is quite small compared to other resorts and is open to the swim-out in building 3 (note that if you are looking for privacy, building 3 facing the party pool is not a good option). However, if you love to people watch, are not disturbed by loud music, then you will love building 3! The foam party was fun and similar to other foam parties. Again, the pool is extremely crowded so if you wish to spend the day there, get up early and reserve a lounger as there were not many and all taken by the time we showed up around 10am. We were so happy that we decided to get a swim-out room, as we would have not enjoyed spending our pool time in the only small & crowded pool that non-deluxe visitors had as an option. That said, I believe the swim-out pools are available to anyone as they had entry points opposite the room side. However, we did not notice any loungers facing the swim-out pools other then the ones provided to swim-out guests. BEACH (1/5) Unfortunately, the beach was an incredible let down. The beach was eroded substantially leaving a very narrow space for palapas and loungers. There are many rocks that you cannot see as the water was murky and not clear at all. The waves were fun, and we could go out quite far before the water reached over our head. But you really had to watch for rocks and if you were unlucky (as I was) and a wave knocked you down in the shallow are, you could get scrapped up badly (as I did). The sand was nice and fine, but again, there were few areas where you would not run into a rocky patch. There were red flags every day, but when we inquired about this, they said that the red flags were not because of the waves but because of the rocks in the water…which makes me think that these are permanent red flags?! The washed-up seaweed was pretty bad during our stay. And although this is a natural occurrence and cannot be blamed on the resort, we were surprised that the resort made no effort to even attempt to clean it up. The ‘Ambassador at Grand Velas Resort’ right next to the Yucatan Princess had cleaned their seaweed and their beach was spotless. We also noticed a lot of garbage mixed in with the seaweed and all over the beach. Again, it is really upsetting that guests seem to toss their garbage just about anywhere, but the lack of cleaning staff on the beach was very apparent. This was very surprising since the rest of the resort was kept immaculate. We did not try the snack bar as it was closed on the two days that we were at the beach. We are ‘beach’ people, and our experience was a huge turn off for us. It was as if the resort did not make any effort to care for this area of their property. Unfortunately, this is a deal breaker for us and for this reason alone we would not return. HOTEL & GROUNDS (3/5) The grounds are keep incredibly clean. And the wait staff and gardeners are constantly keeping the resort in pristine condition (aside from the beach area). There was a little bit of wildlife which was nice to see, every now and then you would catch an iguana basking in the sun, a few stray cats, and Coatis (racoon like animal with long tails) walking around. The main outdoor sitting area located next to the buffet restaurant was always a nice place to have a post-dinner drink at, but once again the seating was very uncomfortable. Aside from a few comfy couches (that were normally taken) the resort seemed to sacrifice comfort for style. Although the seating did look fresh and modern, the chairs were not comfortable and short coffee tables made having a drink a little awkward. There are a few shops located at the main lobby area. These shops had your typical souvenirs, emergency supplies (at high prices), and cigars & cigarettes. The evenings ambiance was beautiful as all the swim-out pools and pathways were lit, this made for some nice walks through the resort. One thing that was a little disappointing for us was that there are no bars of coffee areas in the non-deluxe area during the early morning or evening. This meant that you would have quite the walk if you wished to grab yourself a Cappuccino in the morning to bring back to your room or fancied a late-night drink to enjoy in your room at night. ENTERTAINMENT (3/5) Daily entertainment was mostly at the main pool (non-deluxe side). There did not seem to be any entertainment on the Deluxe main pool. There was little to no activities at the beach. Evening entertainment was good but centered exclusively on dancing (and they were the same 8 dancers every night). The were no circus or magic shows. In addition to the shows there was the ‘Salsa Bar’…a separate room with a bar and large screen where they would host Karaoke and Trivia. These were a lot of fun and the main host (can remember his name) was hilarious. The main lounging area (with the uncomfortable seating) had a singer and/or musician every evening which was pretty good. The part of the trip that absolutely blew us away was the New Years Eve party! Although we had never experienced a New Year’s at an all-inclusive resort, we were truly impressed by how much effort the Yucatan Princess put in to make this night special for their guests. The had a giant stage put in the main outdoor area where they had there regular dancers and a group of break-dancers alternating routines. They provided all guest with New Year’s themed paper hat, headbands, and plastic beaded necklaces to add to the excitement. They had giant ice blocks in which an artist carved (with a chain saw) the words ‘Happy New Year 2023’ throughout the evening. They did an on-stage countdown followed by great fireworks show. They kept the night going by playing loud music, allowing people to dance on stage if they wanted to. The brought-out balloons (the long thin ones) for people to play with while they danced. They provided everyone with champagne to bring in the new year….it was a truly epic New Year’s that neither of us will forget. We left the party at 2:30am and it was still going strong! Very well done! DRINKS (4/5) Drinks were very well made and much more consistent than some of the other resorts we have been (where they are either too strong or not strong enough). Quality of the alcohol was good, and they were able to make pretty much anything we asked for. A few of our favorite daytime drinks were Pina Colada, Dirty Monkey, Miami Vice, and Purple Rain. During the evening we mostly enjoyed; Whiskey Sour, Gin & Soda, and Tom Colins. They also had someone making special coffee drinks every second evening which were also very good. Note that we did not see a drink list anywhere…so you might want to take note of a few drinks that you would like to try before getting there (they seem to be able to make anything you want!). The only beer brand that we had and/or saw was Corona (which was good enough for us). The only inconsistency regarding drink mixing was on New Year’s Eve…understandably, they had a hard time keeping up with drink service and seemed to have some inexperienced people making drink…as such, some of the cocktails we had on New Year’s eve were incredibly strong and some tasted weird. Note that they do not provide straws…so if you enjoy your cocktail with a straw, we suggest bringing your own. The do sell metal straws at the gift shop but they are $5 US each! FOOD (3/5) This resort has 5 a-la-carte restaurants aside from the main buffet; Steakhouse/Mexican (Rodeo Grill), Italian (Bruschetta), Asian (Tao), Fine Dining (Aroma), and ‘Skylights’ which is reserved for Deluxe guests. Overall, we enjoyed the a-la-carte restaurants. We did not have to reserve and were seated immediately upon arrival (note that we would typically go for dinner between 6:30 and 7PM). We should also say that we did not go to the Asian restaurant and did notice that reservations were recommended there. The steakhouse/Mexican was our favorite beef was cooked as ordered and service was great. The Italian was also delicious, however if ordering the fresh raviolis…you might want to consider ordering an extra appetizer as my main course consisted of 4 raviolis! LOL We did not appreciate Aroma so much. Our server seemed like he did not want to be there…it took a long time between courses, and we did not really enjoy any of our meals. The buffet was good overall. The had a good selection of dishes and replenished them very quickly. Breakfast had just about anything you could want…from fresh pastries, to pancakes, made to order omelets. They also never ran out of bacon which often happens at some resorts! For lunch and dinner, the menus were fairly similar, but the food was good. We always enjoyed our meals but were hoping for themed nights (like other resorts offer) where you can enjoy a taste of Mexico one night and the next night would be a taste of Italy…instead they seemed to have a similar menu every night only changing a few dishes here and there. We only ordered room service once and it was coffee and pastries for breakfast…it was good and came relatively quickly. For New Year’s Eve, everyone had to make a reservation (no exception). Choices were either Buffet, the Italian Restaurant, or the Deluxe guest restaurant. We selected that buffet and ended up being disappointed with our choice. The only difference from every other night at the buffet was a large ice sculpture that had fresh oysters on it and not being a fan of seafood…we basically ate the same as any other night. Not a big deal, but we were hoping for something a little more special or different. SERVICE (3/5) Overall service at the hotel was very good, these people work so hard. Wait staff were attentive (for the most part) and always took care of you. The maid service was perfect but there was no turn down service (not a big deal for us). There were also no cute little designs made from your towels or flowers on the bed as you may see from time to time at other resorts…again not a big deal to us. Mini fridge was stocked every day without exception. The swim-out service was inconsistent, but someone would always come by every hour or so to see if we wanted a drink…kind of nice to have service right at your room! Only issues with service that we noticed was at the ‘party’ pool and on the beach where service seemed inexistent. We may have just been sitting in the wrong area…but we never even saw a waiter/waitress at either location. Most people would just walk up to the bar themselves. EXCHANGE, TIPPING, AND WIFI We decided to bring US dollars. Our tipping seemed to be very much appreciated…as a rule we would leave $5 for the maid every morning, $2 in the mini fridge, $1 for every drink, $2 per meal at the buffet, $10 for an A la carte dinner. Again, the tips seemed very much appreciated. WIFI worked great while in the room but was spotty throughout the resort and non-existent on the beach. OVERALL EXPERIENCE (3.5/5) We had been to many places in Mexico, Dominican, and Cuba…although we are not ‘picky’ people by any means we were expecting a lot more from this ‘5-Star’ resort. Our top complaints are: - The pools are way too small for the quantity of guests, thus very crowded. - There is little to no effort to clean the beach of seaweed and garbage. - The seating is fashionable but not comfortable - The nightly entertainment was repetitive with the same 8 dancers We would not go back because of the beach. However, if you are not a beach person and were able to get a good deal on this resort, then it could be a good choice. The resort itself is clean, the rooms are nice, staff are attentive, and we did have an amazing time! If you are a ‘partier’ wanting constant action and don’t mind people…then book this resort (and book building 3). ??

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Go somewhere else you will regret going here for the money you pay

lyndacH3812UF on Jan 15, 2023

Dirty resort, no beach ares, safety is not their concern at all. Staff is friendly and work hard but upper management does not care, had a couple safety issues at the resort and nobody cared. Rooms are not very clean and we paid to stay in a deluxe junior suite, they say this is a 4.5 star its more like a 3 star.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Ok hotel but not worth the upgrade from sister hotel

G7117GBjoanneb (Spruce Grove) on Jan 15, 2023

We stayed at the Platinum Yucatan Princess hotel near Cancun Mexico thru a Sunwing vacation package. We had originally booked the Grand Sunset which is the sister hotel on the same grounds. The prices had dropped a few months after our originally booking so we upgraded to the Adult only Platinum Yucatan. It is rated as a 4.5 * but really is only a 3.5* to 4*; and knowing what we know now we would not have spent the additional $600 for the upgrade. The food & restaurant styles are the same, the rooms are very similar, the pools are smaller at the Platinum Yucatan, and the beach area is very much smaller. Our room was in building #1 which is the farthest from all the restaurants, beach, and plaza area. It was a good 10 min walk. There are golf cart shuttles but not on a regular basis. The Sunset side has regular cart service as the grounds there are quite spread out. Once we arrived at the hotel, we asked how much extra to change to a room with the swim out option and were advised it would be $100 more per night per person ($200 more each night x 5 nights). The Sunwing website offers this for $7.15 per night per person. We declined. It is a very nice hotel but the maintenance has not been kept up. Our room was nice and clean. The housekeeping staff are friendly and do an adequate job. There are small items that need attending – loose door handles, coffee makers to match the style of coffee to use ( IE ours was a individual cup machine but the coffee is for a 4 cup pot – only 1 cream pkg per pouch too) Many of the cabana loungers by the pool are broken. I fixed one myself by just re attaching a screw. Most of these could be fixed by one person going around with a screw driver and re attaching the back rests. The cushions are dirty and many are ripped. The loungers on the beach are also very dirty and could use a good scrubbing. The staff are amazing. We had great service and attention from all we encountered. We had an awesome time at the SPA. The 2 ladies that gave us the massages were wonderful (you gotta try the hot stone massage!) and the other 2 ladies and young man who gave us the manicure and pedicure were a lot of fun. The staff in the restaurants and serving at the bars and the plaza are wonderful too. We tried most of the restaurants onsite as well as the buffet, all our meals were very good. The buffet has a great variety of food to chose from. Our favorite restaurant is the Rodeo Grill. If you want a great ribeye steak or grilled salmon this is the place to go. The one item I question is the dress code. Men must wear long pants (no shorts) but the women can go in more than half naked and it is fine. It is a double standard. I agree no beach wear or bathing suits but walking shorts for men should be fine. We ordered room service for breakfast and were happy with the continental style food we received – toast, juice, coffee, cereal. Later we ordered dinner from room service to have a night in. As there is a pasta / pizza restaurant on site we ordered a Margerita pizza, fries, dessert. We had heard that food can take up to 45 mins to arrive and we were ok with that. When the food was delivered, we were SHOCKED to find a frozen boxed cheese pizza with tomatoes thrown on top for our order. And it was cold and not fully cooked as the cheese was not all melted. Also the fries were old and cold. It was disgusting. The 24 hr café only serves hot dogs, hamburgers, cheese nachos and chicken wings. For an adult only 4.5 * hotel the food is more inclined to what you would get for a family at any given time. There is evening entertainment with a different show each night. Usually there is live music in the open plaza bar area and then around 10 pm a themed show is in the theatre room; or there is a dance bar with popular music. Its too bad there is not more music in the plaza bar after 10 pm. If you are looking for a beach vacation this is not the place. The space between the loungers and the ocean is quite small and the water area is quite rocky. Highly recommend some sort of shoes you can wear in the water. Many people complain of the seaweed. We only experienced this one day of our vacation. The staff try hard to keep the beach area clear but it is time consuming and requires patience from the guests. If you are looking to sit on a lounger and enjoy the ocean view – there are some great spots on their beach to do so. There is a small bar at the beach attached to a small café and rest rooms. One item to note. In Cancun near the turn off to the airport is road construction. This is a major headache when you are trying to get to the airport for your flight out. Our hotel is only 50km from the airport and should have taken about 30 – 40 mins. It took 2.5 hours to get there as we could only travel about 20 km/hr most of the time and traffic was heavily congested (1-3 pm local time). Keep this in mind if travelling in/out of Cancun.

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