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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.5
  • Location 4.0
  • Rooms 4.5
  • Service 4.5
  • Value 4.0

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Kim C (Mount Washington, Kentucky) on May 18, 2024

This resort is proof of “you get what you pay for”. The nice thing is the wildlife jungle vibe and food. Everything else is subpar. It is VERY outdated. There are a lot of singles and unfortunately while we were there, it was party central in the building we were in. Nobody at the resort could keep them quiet. We asked to move halfway through our stay so we could be somewhere quieter but was told we had to “check out”and then “check in” again which left us “homeless” for about 6 hours. The hairdryer in the room didn’t work, water was out half of one of the days, waiter service was hit or miss and it was overall dirty with trash everywhere including floating in the swim outs. The walk to the beach is extremely long so be aware of that. Then apparently our transfer came for us on time (we were there about 45 minutes early) but our name was not called so they marked us as no show and we had to get a cab. We watched the bellboy like a hawk and was sitting about 20 feet from him, he never called our name! I think because we complained about the resort. Anyway, book at your own risk. We have been to many and this one is the last on the list for sure.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Do not recommend!! Stay somewhere else

Myia R on May 16, 2024

I am currently staying at the Princess Yucatan all adult and all inclusive resort. All inclusive DOES NOT mean all inclusive!!! The bar is woefully stocked with bottom shelf liquor and not much variety. I asked for moscato (the most basic of the basic wines) and was told that it would be extra. When going to the other part of the 3 hotel resort (which we have access to but were never told) they do have options such as gran marnier, 1800 tequila, appleton rum (none of this is top shelf), but they charge you for it and you cannot pay cash. I am traveling with a party of 11 and we have been told multiple times that in order to book reservations at the restaurants there is a mandatory 3 bottle purchase (at an all inclusive resort), NOT mandatory gratuity (because that would honestly make sense) but bottle this all inclusive resort....that does not have a separate package for top shelf liquor (because that would also make sense). The customer service has been less than stellar to say the absolute least. This is not my first time traveling internationally (from the U.S.) nor my first time traveling all inclusive. I am extremely disappointed!!! A companion of mine booked an excursion through the hotel, and the hotel canceled it due to weather (non-existent, it's 94° and sunny). She asked for a refund, and they refused and asked her to book another excursion. After declining to choose another excursion, and again requesting a refund, she was given the run around and asked to sign an extensive form that she was not given a copy of and was not given time to read to start the "refund process." Upon talking to other patrons throughout the duration of my stay, I've been told that they have had similar experiences with the lack of customer service and difficulty dealing with resort staff; from the checkin, to the bar, to the shuttles, to meal planning, etc. Everyone is my party is African American and I hate to attribute this horrible experience to race, but I've talked to several Canadian, European, and Irish guests who have had a completely different experience. I will be cross posting on Instagram and Facebook. I will not come back! I will not recommend them!!! The ONLY reason they are getting 2 stars is because the room was clean, and the food at the Rodeo Grill was absolutely fantastic! #unhappy #neveragain #ifyouareblackdontcomehere

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Rude Concierge Causing a Scene in Lobby

Leanne T (Sherwood Park, Canada) on May 15, 2024

We were here April 1-8, 2024. The resort is nice & relaxing. The rooms were clean & we really enjoyed our swim out room. We’d highly recommend getting one. Food was good. Drinks were a bit sweet. But if you don’t like sweet, just order another. Beach is ok. Lots of rocks so be careful. The only bad thing we can say about the Platinum is about one of the concierges. There were a few topless ladies in our swim out pool. The concierge came by and asked us to put our tops on. We asked why & the concierge said we can discuss it at the desk. My husband & I went to the concierge desk to discuss the incident. We were expecting to have a discussion. That wasn’t what the concierge wanted. She was spoiling for a fight. She informed us that the hotel forbade women from being topless. We asked for a copy of the hotel policies. She said no and told us the resort “doesn’t want people like us on resort”. Then she went on to tell us “to get off the resort property” and we weren’t welcome there. We asked several more times for a copy of the resort policies. She refused and said we signed a copy. We asked for our signed copy, she again refused. She even lied about the topless rule being on the signs at the pools.Then she started yelling at us to stop recording her. We showed her both our phones, neither of us were recording her. However she had her colleague record us. A manager then came over & he refused to provide us with the resort policies as well. Meanwhile, the concierge kept circling us like an animal stalking its prey, all while repeatedly yelling “stop recording me, you’re recording me against my will” and causing a scene. That’s when we decided to text our travel agent. Our agent was able to get a copy of the policies for us. The resort does allow women to be topless in the swim out pools. Our agent continued to contact the resort several times to discuss how the concierge treated us. However, Victor refused to discuss how we were treated. Instead, he would only speak to the topless incident, putting the blame on us. Being topless isn’t what we wanted addressed. If it is a rule, it’s a rule. We complied when asked to. It’s the way the concierge handled the situation, her insults, her behaviour, & her treatment of us. She was disrespectful & rude. Too blatantly lie about signage, refuse to show us the policies, create a scene by screaming at us, and to insult us by telling us that our type of people weren’t welcome there is unacceptable. Not to mention recording us while accusing us of recording her. We didn’t let her ruin our vacation. We went on to have a pleasant stay. However we’d recommend staying away from her. **our travelling companions took pictures of the ignorant concierge & the concierge who was recording us.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

The resort was great, the guests (not talking about the staff) need to learn some manners

Brie V on May 06, 2024

The resort was pretty good, not sure I would give it a 5 stars though, from my overall experience travelling I would go 4 and Maybe 5 on the Platinum side, where I will definitely go, if I go back. ( as an Expedia VIP I was taken care of on the platinum side and was very pleased with the service) In my experience the food and service was amazing in all of the "a la carte" I went to (some twice). I only did the buffet for Breakfast and once for dinners with friends and both service and food was fantastic, for those saying otherwise, you must be heck of picky eaters, because the amount of choices were abundant. I was traveling solo and not once did I feel unsafe (knowing that I should have gone for a swim out) Only one staff member royally pissed me off (and I will send a special private note to management) the remaining staff I interacted with, were fantastic. That said, it was also a combination with some less than mannered "guest" and been woken up at 3am by a couple in a literal "screaming match" with each other all the way to their room until security intervened, might have contributed to my shorter patience straw. Now I went there to unwind and relax. If its your goal, then definitely go on the Platinum side. So many young adults who go there to party especially on the weekend, so if you end up in building 1, 2 or 3 don't expect siesta in the afternoon as the music at the party pool is quite loud. Entertainment does do a great job, and if you want a combo fun/entertainment you will like, the shows in the evening were excellent. Just sad I left before the Caribbean show the following Monday!! I was in Building 4 and it was far enough to avoid the loud music, but not the maids, by whom I was woken up EVERY time I try to go for a nap (because the wind blew off the "do not disturb" sign, not their fault) Note for management: As every door is possibly affected by the wind Please!! put those signs on velcro or magnet, they don't stay on and just end up on the floor! The beach was nothing spectacular but that wasn't my goal so it did not matter much. The few times I went it was early morning and it was clean. The seaweed is part of the "ocean daily delivery service" but it was cleaned every day. In the time I was there, the winds and currents were on the strong side and the red flags were on. If you want a great beach go to an hotel directly at Playa Del Carmen or take the shuttle from the hotel and go spend a day there. All depends on your vacation goal. Overall, I will most likely give this resort a second chance for the vacation next year.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Very good 10 night stay

ericab (York, United Kingdom) on May 04, 2024

We’ve just returned from a 10 night stay at this hotel and we thought it was very good. We had a platinum swim out room in block 5 and it was so quiet and peaceful, just what we wanted. Our room was cleaned daily, usually in the afternoon and there was only one occasion we needed to request a missing item. We were supplied with plenty of bottled water and pool towels. There were a few occasions when room service trays were left outside in the corridor which the roaming coaties helped themselves to but the mess was cleared away quite quickly. The food in the a la carte restaurants was very tasty and the service overall was very good although in the buffet it was, a few times, a bit hit and miss in terms of how quickly we were offered drinks etc. The food in the buffet was overall good quality with lots of choice, particularly at breakfast time although a few times the food was warm rather than hot and dishes that were running low were replenished quickly. We enjoyed our evenings at bar plaza and service there was excellent. Our bed was large and comfortable but I wasn’t overly impressed with the pillows. The double shower was great but the towels were a little small. It would have been nice to have had a full length mirror but the storage was plentiful. We really enjoyed our stay.

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