Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa

4.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 4 and 5 stars. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services. 5 star - Exceptional accommodation with superior facilities and services.

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    Not great but OK

    Reviewed by Bratwurst(North Wales, United Kingdom) on Oct 20, 2019

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    Stayed here with friends for 14 days and thought it was just OK. I have to say from the start that all the staff we met were great, really polite and helpful, the rooms were nice but dated and the grounds well kept. The pools were always clean but not fresh water as advertised, however the Kantenah pool bar area has a strange ramp in the pool around the bar making it very slippy when going to the bar, the White Sands pool bar area is just right, not too deep and nice and flat. The big let down is the food! On arrival in Mexico we were handed a letter from our holiday rep telling us that there had been issues with Cyclospora. The letter gave several instruction on how to reduce the risk including only eating piping hot food. Well, I have to say that if we had only eaten piping hot food we would only ever have eaten omelette for breakfast and steaks for dinner. Nothing from the hot plates or a la cartel restaurants was piping hot. We did have very hot plates one night in the Mexican a la cartel but the food on them was still only warm. I had the trots for several days and my wife was very ill for a number of days, this also happened to one of our friends. We registered our illness with the resort rep who told us there was no record of any food related illnesses being reported, however we know this is not accurate and cases have been reported. Having said that the choices available at breakfast and lunchtime were excellent. We ate lunch in the white sands buffet most days and different a la carte’s each evening. Some of the a la carte’s were hit and miss with choices not being available at 8 o’clock in the evening and on other occasions what we ordered was not what arrived at the table. The Kantenah being the oldest of the 3 hotels in the resort was well established and everything seemed to work, however friends staying at the white sands said their section of the resort was very problematic. I have to say that many areas of the white sands resort had a very pungent smell of sewage which hotel staff said was from the mangrove swamp nearby. Sorry, not buying that as I know what sewage smells like and when we were in the mangrove swamp the small was completely different. The bell boys were really helpful and provided a great service running the shuttles to the 3 hotels within the resort. We did an organised trip to Coba Maya and the guide was excellent, very knowledgable and he led a great tour. All in all we had a couple of good weeks here, it has its problems but the rooms were clean as were the pools and the beach area although one end of the beach was very smelly but that is outside the hotels control. The staff were excellent, they didn’t expect tips for good service as we have seen in other resorts but were grateful when they did receive tips.

    Excellent resort—even with young kids!

    Reviewed by rcf2013() on Oct 20, 2019

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    With 2 and 4 year old rambunctious boys, I looked all over the world for places that had on-site childcare in addition to fun activities for me and my husband. The Grand Palladium definitely exceeded my expectations! The caregivers at the Baby Club were so gracious and the boys loved spending their time there with their friends. We even dropped them back off so we could have dinner as adults (open 8am-8pm with mandatory lunch at 1pm for the 1-3 year olds). The pools were beautiful and clean. There was a great kiddie pool area with water slides, too. The regular pools of which there are so many to choose were amazing places to sit and relax. The beach is right there and is beautifully turquoise with soft white sand. Would recommend water shoes as there is a rock reef you have to traverse. The sargassum was minimal to none when we went. The Spa was also a highlight—the deep tissue massage and facial were great. There is also a unique hydrotherapy area that was very worth doing in this charming oasis. The food was overall good for resort-style—not gourmet but definitely edible. Tons of options for any palate. We sampled several of the ala Carte restaurants including Mexican, teppinyaki, rodizio, and ribs/American—all were fun, tasty, with good service. They have lots of fun activities hosted by the POP people of palladium—yoga, Zumba, abs circuits, etc. The grounds are beautifully kept and are a nature reserve on their own. There is a fun train shuttle that takes you between the hotels (Kantenah, Colonial, and White Sand). White Sand has a catamaran which was a fun 20 minute ride. We stayed at Kantenah which I thought was perfect as there were short pretty trails back to the room and close to the main area (which is Kantenah/colonial and is mainly a big complex together). The rooms were well kept—there were drinks and peanuts stocked daily. Room service namely the fajitas were good. There were lots of bars and all drinks and ice cream were included (not top-shelf but didn’t do that). The employees were all so kind and attentive. It was really a spectacular week and incredibly relaxing!

    Kantenah Resort Mexico

    Reviewed by Jimbocollo(Liverpool, United Kingdom) on Oct 20, 2019

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    This year we had a fabulous family holiday at Kantenah. It proved to be one of the best holiday destinations in my life. If like me you love wildlife then you'll certainly enjoy watching and virtually living amongst the coatis and agoutis that roam around the complex like friendly neighbours. It ranks amongst the most memorable holidays I've had


    Reviewed by dondito(London, United Kingdom) on Oct 19, 2019

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    We have only been here three days and I wished I’d stuck to my instinct in booking a riu hotel instead. Check in a disaster booked as a party of seven and for some reason they put 5 of us in kantenah and my two daughters in another part of the hotel complex colonial. When we complained they said they could move them the next working day after 12pm. They went back next day and was told new room would not be ready till 15.00 pm and to leave suitcases in room and they will move it to the kantenah block after 15.00. Returned after being at pool at 18.30 and suitcases were still in previous rooms at other hotel. Lady at reception was rude telling my daughter what’s the problem you have a room . In took me arriving after they called me to burst out in anger before they got things done. Food is Luke warm to cold at breakfast and main meals. Bar service so slow. Asked for an Irish coffee and 10 mins later still hadn’t been made and there was hardly anyone at bar so just walked away. Next day visited bar again and asked for two glasses of champagne to be given two half glasses. Tried the Irish coffee again and was given black coffee with some scotch in it. Had to explain to Barman how to make it. Even then it didn’t taste anything like one. There are good points as well as bad points about this hotel and a will write a full review after my stay. For beach lovers it’s nothing like the pictures. As soon as you step into the water your greeted for the first few years with rocks so not pleasant. Sand is hard and not soft and fluffy so would indicate man made beach. Two a la cartes we have been to being the Thai and italian are not up to standard. Thai was ok but starter portions were pathetic. One small spicy wing and 1 small piece of pork on a tiny skewer. When we asked for more starters he said he would go and find out. The Italian was a shocker food was cold and pasta meals were no better than buffet. Ordered 7 main courses as there was 7 of us and they forgot one so by the time me bought the 7th meal out everyone else had finished.we went to grand palladium in Jamaica last year and it was brilliant. Thought it would be the same here sadly not. Look out for my Full review at end of October

    Two Weeks of Bliss

    Reviewed by GuinnessM0nster(Cambridge, United Kingdom) on Oct 18, 2019

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    We stayed here from the 31st August to the 14th September and we had a great holiday. Here are a few points: Location: The location is away from anywhere built up which we enjoy, it is about just over an hour from the airport via taxi on its own beach with clear sea. The ocean was choppy during our stay so we didn’t get to do much snorkelling sadly, but it was a nice temperature and I would recommend water shoes. The area and the grounds were beautiful and tirelessly kept clean. I love the wildlife you see in Mexico and there was plenty of it to take in here. Room: The room was fantastic. The room was clean and tidy, we are a couple that don't really spend a great deal of time in our rooms other than to sleep and wash in so as long as it is clean and tidy, we are more than happy. The fridge was always fully stocked. Food: You can visit all of the a la carte restaurants as many times during your stay! We would highly recommend the Steak restaurant and the Poseidon sea food restaurant. Another great evening meal is the beach BBQ. The normal restaurant has a huge amount of choice and it amazes me when people complain about the choice on offer, if you cant find something you like with all that is on offer then you must be a fussy eater!! A lot of the food is repeated every day but I don't have an issue with that as long as the food is nice which it was then I don't have an issue with it. Staff: This was our second holiday to Mexico and our first with Grand Palladium. The staff here were excellent, hard working and always worked with a smile on their faces! The staff on the resort can not be faulted and made the stay very pleasant and enjoyable. From check-in (great service from the lad and it was thorough, I wish I had made a note of his name) to check-out, the service provided by all the staff we very professional and could not be faulted. I would like to draw the attention of the management to the following: Poseidon – a waiter called Diego. He was very knowledgeable about the menu and I ordered his recommendations. I have to say, his recommendations were spot on and I loved the food. He was very attentive and looked after us very well…watching him chase a Raccoon away from our table added humour to the night. Buffet – waiter called Abraham, he always knew what I liked to drink and if my glass was empty, he was always on hand to get me another drink without me requesting it. He always kept himself busy and worked very hard to make the guests stay a pleasurable one. White Sand Swim Up Bar – Asuncion was a very happy worker and kept my drinks flowing. He always greeted you first thing in the morning lovely greeting. On one day there was a group of very loud, rude, drunk young students who were shouting their drink orders at him even when he was serving other guests. He kept his cool under difficult circumstances and managed the situation very well. Fruit Chef – Emilio gave a lesson on fruit decorating, all the chefs do a wonderful job in ensuring we eat fantastic food but rarely get the plaudits they deserve. As Emilio was a chef my wife personally got to meet by partaking in the lesson, we feel that he deserves mention and she really enjoyed the lesson. Hemingway – Isabel worked behind the bar during our stay and she was about a month from giving birth to a baby boy. Even though she was heavily pregnant she was on her feet working hard to make the guests experience in the Hemingway a great one. I felt guilty when she would bring our drinks over to us but she insisted. Our last night we sat at the bar chatting with her and she was a lovely lady. The Shops: The shops on site had many lovely bits and pieces that you could take home as souvenirs plus items that you would need during your stay. We made a few purchases during our stay, we found the White Sands shop had better prices. Pools: We spent our time divided between the pools at the Kantenah and White Sands. We found that if you wanted some quiet pool time then the White Sands was the place to go while the Kantenah was livelier. The service at both pool bars could not be faulted, while sometimes you might get something you didn’t quite order due to the language barrier, what does it matter, drink up and have another one! For info, the Kantenah is a deeper pool that the White Sands. Bars: The bars serve up some fantastic cocktails and all the branded drinks are all-inclusive. The selection of spirits was vast and you had many bars to try out, we didn’t manage all of them but we did try! As with the swimming pools, there are bars that are quieter than others if you want to get away from it all. In the evening the lobby bar at the Colonial was the loudest and busiest due to the entertainment being there. For a quiet drink, you just need to go to the sports bar or to the other lobbies/Hemingway. We only had a couple of issues with the resort: 1. The first problem we had at the resort is not down to the resort itself but the people staying there, for me going on holiday is about relaxing and switching off from your everyday life but people just cant stay off the mobile phones and tablets to go on social sites or to phone people, our phones stay on plane mode during our holidays and are only used as alarm clocks. It now appears the cool thing to do is walk around face-timing so everyone can hear the conversation and the individual on the phone just ignores the beauty of the resort! 2. You always get the idiots (normally always the Brits I'm afraid to say which makes us look like complete morons!!) that take the all-inclusive element a little too far and just throw drinks down their throats one after another, dont get me wrong, I love a drink and have been known to over indulge but you can drink all day at a slower pace and still enjoy yourself. Seeing a large American being so drunk that he couldn’t even get out of a shallow pool (we are talking about a step that was about a one foot high) while this group are shouting swear words at an English group provided some entertainment. But on a serious note, they just made themselves look like complete idiots (both the Americans and Brits). Overall, we had a great time, could not fault a single thing about the resort/service received and would highly recommend it. It is the best resort we have been to and we enjoyed it that much, we have already decided to try out their resort in the Dominica next yea