Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica

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    Worst stay ever!

    Reviewed by dianam651() on Nov 21, 2020

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    If there was a zero rating that's what they would get. The room looked like a motel and the bathroom was in a very poor condition. The kitchen staff very unprofessional. I don't know if it's because mostly local visiting at this time why the service is so poor overall. Bahia needs to do better I have seen hotel on the verge of closure look better and had a better experience.

    Cheap and Nasty

    Reviewed by CJ C(Purley, United Kingdom) on Nov 19, 2020

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    Checked in at 21:30 after lengthy airport ordeal due to Covid, double checked for ground floor room requested for elderly relative. Asked for some soup or a hot drink was told room service starts at 23:00, also told no hot drinks until 06:00 next day. Bearing in mind we were not offered a glass of water on arrival we were shown to our rooms where luckily there were bottles of water in the sparsely stocked fridge-All inclusive???Called room service form the room and once again told nothing until 23:00 I mentioned elderly person not eaten for nearly 5 hours and was given the option of salad, wrap or burger, no tea or coffee. Following day lengthy walk to breakfast, asked where lunch was being served, and was directed to a restaurant on the far side of the resort, which was got to by crossing several wooden bridges and navigating numerous stairs. One staff member suggested going to the lobby and requesting a buggy to take us there, after the restaurant refused to allow us to take food out. 1 hour later we were taken to the restaurant by buggy, ate and waited to be taken back to the lobby, 35 minutes to get back to the room. We raised all these points and the leak I the bathroom, lock broken, broken safe, AC not working. We were taken to see another room 2 floors up, which meant waiting for the over subscribed lift to get to and from lobby/restaurants. Assistant GM agreed that so many issues in the space of 2 nights was unacceptable and agreed we can leave. Although booking bell hop to collect luggage from rooms at 11:50, having to direct checkout staff to speak to GM, we were checked out at 12:35 and after going to bell desk and rerequesting our lovage be picked up. We barely got an apology and 10 days after still waiting for the supplier to contact the hotel and agree our refund. Rooms all old and outdated. Food just barely better than college canteen. Staff just going through the motions. Property far too large to cater for anyone’s able bodied. Concierge desk polite but nothing agreed with them on the phone carried out. Only pleasant person was Security guy who spent 1.5 hours trying to fix the safe. Maintenance guys appeared and never returned after saying he was going upstairs to check where the leak was coming from. 3 attempts to fix a leak which left a constant puddle on the bathroom floor making tiles slippery, still not fixed when we left. Family members agreed it was the worse property they ever stayed and was surprised we lasted 2 nights. Not even 2 star and no customer service to be seen anywhere. Looks good on arrival, but once you get past the glitzy lobby the rooms are Cheap and Nasty, dated and smelly. Don’t waste your time or money, room service a joke.

    Celebrating 60th Birthday at Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica

    Reviewed by cfrancisco70(New York City, New York) on Nov 15, 2020

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    Upon arrival, we were impressed with the beautiful lobby and the grandeur of the hotel grounds. The entire hotel staff were very friendly and serviceable. Check in was smooth and quick. We were extremely happy with our room in building 23 (room 23515 on 5th floor) where the view was awesome. The best part of our stay was that the hotel was not overcrowded and it seemed that we had it for ourselves. The food at the restaurant was average and not at all as pre-Covid. Shoutouts to Brandon, our waiter at The Knife restaurant; Tanisha, our waitress at the Don Pablo restaurant; Kedisha, our waitress at Orquidea restaurant; Keyno, Kerry, and Scothisa, our serving staff for lunch at the Piscis Beach Restaurant. A very special acknowledgement to our friendly bartender, Derrick who had our drinks ready upon seeing us. Many thanks to Nickolin Edwards of housekeeping that kept our room clean and replenished daily. Also thanks to all hotel staff that did their job with a passion and greeted us with a good morning such as Carroll Austin of concierge desk and Martha of Coming 2 Jamaica tour desk. We had a memorable stay and look forward to return in the future.

    Bday weekend

    Reviewed by Mia K(Montego Bay, Jamaica) on Nov 15, 2020

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    What to say my stay was amazing, I was a bit sceptic at first as I book through the website however I was reassured that my reservation was ok. Check in was very fast, the staff amazing, food was ok..

    Probably the worst trip

    Reviewed by yogibear713(Huntington Station, New York) on Nov 13, 2020

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    I just came back from this trip today and I couldn’t wait to come home. The grounds are beautiful but the rooms are the most disgusting place I’ve ever stayed at. Let me start with that I was originally booked for the luxury side of Bahia, I booked this in March 2020 before COVID lockdown. I found out 3 weeks before my trip that the hotel I was supposed to stay at was closed since end of March till December, so I was moved to the Bahia Grand which made me upset to begin with. No one even let me know that my side of the hotel was closed. I found out on my own because I went to check on my itinerary. So with that said let me begin my review. It was so dirty and everything smelled of mold the pillows, bed, towels, sheets and the whole room. I literally felt dirtier after I took a shower. Now the resort only had 2 places open for food, which were buffets. There are 5 restaurant on the Grand side but they were all closed except the 2 buffet. I felt like I was eating at a school cafeteria. The quality of food was not good, the choices of food literally sucked really bad. Everything closed at 11pm which meant no more alcohol and room service only gave you 2 choices for food after 11pm. I am so mad I paid full price for a trip to get a quarter of what the resort offers. EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED!!! I know it’s because of COVID, then they shouldn’t be charging a full price for quarter of experience. The beach and the pool was definitely pretty and kept up. Now they need to remodel or update their rooms.