Travel Bank credits

Outside of 24 hours from booking, if you’ve cancelled your flight or changed to a fare lower in price, your refund will be returned as a credit with WestJet and held in your Travel Bank—an extension of your WestJet Rewards account.

If you are new to Travel Bank because of cancellations from Coronavirus (COVID-19), please know that we are responding to feedback and working on solutions to make your next flight with WestJet worth the wait. Thank you for your trust and patience as this situation evolves day by day.

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Popular FAQs

Travel Bank is an easy-to-use account where you accumulate and save credit from non-refundable ticket changes, cancellations or service credits. These credits are kept in your Travel Bank until you use them to pay for future travel with WestJet, excluding WestJet Vacation packages and service fees.

Travel Bank is not an actual physical bank.

To receive a credit, you need a WestJet Rewards account.

A Travel Bank requires a WestJet Rewards account and ID in order to be linked to you, the Travel Bank owner. With an account you can sign in online to manage your Travel Bank: see your balance, check activity and confirm expiry dates.

This depends on how your cancellation was processed. If you cancelled with an agent in our call centre or online in Manage Trips, you will see the balance in your account immediately.

If you cancelled through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) cancellation form, it may take up to 45 days to see the credit in your account. Thank you for your continued trust and patience as we work through tens of thousands of requests.

You can use your Travel Bank credit to book new flights as soon as you see it in your account.

Travel Bank credits from changed or cancelled flights can be used to pay for travel within 2 years from the day your credit was issued. Travel can occur after the expiry date.

Expiry date extension
For a credit balance over $100, you can get a one-time extension for an additional two years for a $21 fee (paid out of the existing credit).

Service credits expire after 1 year.

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Travel Bank credits can be used to pay for future travel with WestJet, excluding WestJet Vacations packages and service fees (like kennels, seat selection, excess baggage or change fees).

  • $1 Travel Bank credit = $1 dollar in the currency of your WestJet Rewards account.
  • You can apply credits to one or many flights until the balance is $0.
  • There are no blackout dates.

You can pay for new flights with your Travel Bank credit online, through the call centre or at the airport.

Yes, Travel Bank credits can be transferred to another WestJet Reward’s account upon request through our contact centre.

Yes, this is easy to do.

To apply a Travel Bank credit to another guest's flight:

  1. sign in to your WestJet Rewards account
  2. select the desired flight and continue to the payment step
  3. if there is a Travel Bank credit available, you will see an option to apply the credit and a drop-down menu with the option to "Enter guest not on my profile"

Your Travel Bank can only be accessed by using your WestJet Rewards ID. Any fraudulent use of your Travel Bank will be investigated, however, WestJet is not liable for any unauthorized use of your WestJet Rewards ID, password, Travel Bank credits or your payment card information. Please take care to keep your WestJet Rewards ID confidential.

WestJet Vacations package bookings

Travel Bank credits cannot be used for WestJet Vacations packages.

The value of WestJet Vacation packages cancelled due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) will be returned as WestJet dollars. See WestJet dollar FAQs.

Warning about fraudulent transactions involving Travel Bank credits for sale

WestJet Travel Bank credits posted for sale on any online classified website may not be valid or may become invalid at a later date. WestJet is only able to verify if a Travel Bank credit is currently available. Flight bookings and Travel Bank credit purchased with a stolen card or in some other unauthorized fashion will be revoked or cancelled immediately without notice or reimbursement.

WestJet is not involved in any private transaction resulting from an advertisement on an online classified web site. WestJet does not handle the payment, guarantee transactions, offer buyer protection or seller certification for these advertisements. WestJet will not be liable for the loss of funds resulting from a fraudulent transaction.

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