Hilton Niagara Falls/Fallsview Hotel & Suites reviews

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  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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Dirty room + crap customer service + $$$$ + outrageous parking, but seeing the falls is still amazing

KathleenRO (Royal Oak, Michigan) on Jun 25, 2022

Checked in around 4:30 pm with my family only to be assigned a room that was filthy - the vacuum had not been run (debris and cheese cracker crumbs in the carpeting) and white drip marks on the entertainment console (I don’t even want to know what it was). After gathering our stuff and going down to the front desk and waiting in a long line AGAIN, they put us in another room one floor up. I asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available for our inconvenience and was told no. The re-assigned room was cleaner than the first, but if even that was the Hilton standard, they have a long way to go to even level up to the Holiday Inn. I asked for our parking to be comped once we settled in in the new room ($35 off-site with a shuttle; $60 on-site; or $80 on-site valet plus a 12% and an 8% tax - those are your undesirable options here) and the front desk said ok. After a dinner at Taps (I wouldn’t waste a precious dollar at any of the Vegas-style overblown chain restaurants near the Hilton), we walked along and took in the lovely sights of the falls and their nightly fireworks show. Before check-out the next morning, the invoice was slipped beneath our door with the $43 parking charge and a $7.50 “interstate” phone call. I called the front desk AGAIN about being charged for something that should have been comped and asked for a record of what interstate call was made. Finally, our $52+ bill came down to a $1.25 (local call, which I made because my phone was in airplane mode to avoid international charges). I don’t think twice about the cost of something when you actually get what you pay for. When you choose a Hilton, you shouldn’t have to spend any of your precious 19-hour stay (4 pm check-in and 11 am check-out) in filth and fighting with the front desk. Not only would I never stay at this Hilton again, I probably wouldn’t stay at any Hilton anywhere because it’s sucked so much. Ultimately, I didn’t let it ruin our trip, but it is still annoying when things cost so much right now.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


azadb190 (Kitchener, Canada) on Jun 25, 2022

I switched rooms 5 times, FIVE!!! I travel a lot and hands down one of the worst hotel experiences I’ve had! (only positive thing, I must say tho, front desk staff very friendly) I usually stay at a diff hotel in Niagara but this time decided to try Hilton. Biggest mistake. 1st room, the bathtub wouldn’t drain. 2nd room, washroom & carpets were filthy. 3rd room horrible smell. Almost smelt like someone left a dirty diaper behind as a prank. 4th room, as soon as I walked in, garbage beside the bed & iced tea bottle in the other room. Garbage also beside the bed & on. Finally got moved to a decent room. NEVER COMING HERE AGAIN! Couldn’t pay me to stay here!!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


M3903MSpeterg on Jun 23, 2022

Do not stay there , rooms not cleaned well also they don’t tell you parking is 60 dollars a day even if you don’t use your car. I recommend looking around for another hotel.I will definitely look around for another hotel befare I even consider another Hilton . Oh ya pumpkin seeds on the floor next to our bed .

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great hotel, but not as close to the falls as you think

World81Traveler (Columbus, Ohio) on Jun 22, 2022

Very nice hotel, but we were hoping when we got a fallsview room that it would overlook the falls. Instead they are a bit of a ways away. The Resort/Casino next to this hotel has a much better view. However, the room was very good size and the view of the falls was very nice. You can see the falls change color at night and watch the fireworks from the comfort of your own room if you would like. And it is nice that you can see the falls from the infinity pool as well. Hotel is large, but busy. Quite an expensive hotel, and restaurants inside of it are very expensive as you may would have guessed. Take a short walk along the gangway to get to the casino in the neighboring hotel. Plenty of restaurants to walk to form the hotel. About a half hour walk to the center of downtown Niagara Falls. Beds were pretty comfortable, pillows sucked. Parking is VERY expensive. $35 to park off-site, $65 to park on-site, and $80 to valet....each day!! If money is no object, I highly recommend this hotel.

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Unprepared for client service

yokpeeng (Toronto, Canada) on Jun 21, 2022

First: interior self-parking at $60 per night - customer rip-off! Then add tourist fee (tax) on top of the fee and gov’t tax - Hilton laughing all the way to the bank! Checking in - and only at checking in - no info when booking room! - we were advised that there would be no service, no housekeeping, room service - effectively - full COVID rules. If you want towels, put your old ones in the hall, call to have them picked up. If you want more towels, call to have them delivered to outside your door. Self-service at full price!!! Booked a full view of both falls - got that! Room was tired as was much of the hotel! Carpets in the room were furled, frayed edges and joints. Some kind of removable stain on wall adjacent to toilet - yuk! Inside of one lamp shade looked like a foreign substance had exploded inside of it ( soda pop? Or …..???) Our safe was not working. Alarm indicated it was due to batteries. Called, someone came while we were out and changed batteries but didn’t confirm safe function. Called again. Mtce person arrived and tried with his security code and declared the safe was working. I tried in front of him to show him that all other numbers did not!!! He went to find a replacement, but none was available. He left a note on the safe keypad stating that 6 of the 9 digits worked - they did not!!! But somehow, he must have felt that this must satisfy the customer and his boss. The chairs in the room were so uncomfortable - the desk swivel chairs in Hilton hotels in NA have always been disappointing and not working.), I have always told people after travelling for work around the world that Hilton mattresses offer the most comfortable mattresses of all hotels. Not in this Hilton - back pain all night long! This Hilton does not measure up to the Hilton standards I’ve seen through North America. With the prices they charge for self service, one might think they could’ve done some upgrades during the slow COVID period! It also appeared that some customers were eligible for room service! Not sure of the criteria! For this service for some? Lastly, the tourist tax on top of self-service high priced rooms. Disappointing! I fear that hotels, like so many other businesses have grown too comfortable with the COVID excuse and will continue to offer less for higher prices while keeping staffing levels own (and falsely blaming the job market and availability of workers! This approach is helping their bottom line with the “blame COVID” excuse for everything. They seem to want hotel customers to be satisfied with less service now that “they’re used to it!”. I’m unlikely to spend good dollars with this unspoken contract in place!

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