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Want to skip the phone call? We’ve got the answers to popular questions and more. We've assembled a library of our Contact Centre most frequently asked questions, that way you can get your answers right away.

Top self-serve questions

Change or cancel flights

Get more information here to apply changes to your booking, change flight information or even change the flight itself. 

Booking a flight

Find information here on how to book a flight, where we fly and different entry requirements as well as how to redeem a companion voucher or use your WestJet dollars. 

man and woman walking through airport

Know before you go

Pack your bags with confidence and Get Travel Ready.

Types of payment: Step-By-Step Instructions

WestJet takes various types of payment for flights and vacation packages. If you need help with any of these types of payments, look no further. 


Learn more about your WestJet Rewards account, how to reset your password or even how to access your Travel Bank credits.

Check-in and itinerary

Check in, view your itinerary and get ready for your flight.


Not sure about what's allowed to be on-board or how many checked bags you're allowed? Find information here on your baggage questions. 

Video tutorials

We've created a small library of video tutorials. Find more information about booking, signing in, or preparing to call an agent.

WestJet gift card

Learn more here about how to purchase a gift card or check a gift card balance.

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