Humanitarian Aid - Baggage Fee Waiver Request

WestJet accepts fee waiver requests for baggage (departing from Canada) and kennels (arriving into Canada) for humanitarian purposes from a registered charitable or not-for-profit organization or from a guest affiliated with such an organization.

A maximum of one fee waiver per guest per direction of travel is considered.

A country may restrict what humanitarian goods may enter. The guest is responsible for verifying that all imported items comply with the country's requirements. Contact or visit the website of the applicable foreign embassy or consulate for this information.




  • Itinerary
    • A fee waiver is considered for flights marketed and operated by WestJet, WestJet Encore and WestJet Link only.
  • Request/Response Timelines
A minimum of 7 days before flight departure Guest submits a fee waiver request
A minimum of 5 days before flight departure WestJet responds to the guest’s request


  • Flights from Canada
    • The fee waiver applies to one piece of baggage containing only humanitarian goods that meets the checked baggage allowance for weight and size, and the number of pieces allowed to the destination.
      • Overweight and oversize baggage fees will apply.
    • Requests to transport dangerous goods will not be approved.
  • Flights to Canada
    • The fee waiver applies to one kennel containing a rescue dog or cat travelling in the cabin or the baggage compartment.
    • The animal must adhere to all animal entrance requirements, restrictions and embargoes. Refer to the information at
    • Kennel space must be available on all WestJet flights on the itinerary at the time of approval.
    • Excess baggage, an empty kennel, or animal remains are not eligible for a fee waiver.


Humanitarian Aid Fee Waiver Request Form

  • Must be submitted a minimum of 7 days before flight departure.
  • WestJet will advise if your request is approved a minimum of 5 days before flight departure.


Complete the following fields:

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The letter from the charitable or the not-for-profit organization must

  • Identify the person applying for the baggage fee waiver
  • Describe the humanitarian trip/project, and
  • Describe the contents of the baggage

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    Include additional information about the registered charitable or not-for-profit organization you work with that supports your request.